PHOTOS + Star Actress-Jackie Appiah Celebrates Turning 31 at Teshie Orphanage and LEKMA Hospital Children’s Ward

Jackie Appiah
Jackie Appiah

Actress-Jackie Appiah turned 31 yesterday and to celebrate this day, she decided to share her joy with the children of Teshie Orphanage and LEKMA Hospital Children’s Ward by making donations to these children.

The actress made a donation of books, toys, food, drinks, toiletries, school supplies and others to the Teshie Orphanage—she then paid for the fees of two of the orphans.

When Jackie Appiah visited the LEKMA Hospital Children’s Ward, she paid the hospital bills of 3 families—and also made donations to the ward.

Check out the photos below…

Jackie Appiah5

Jackie Appiah4

Jackie Appiah2

Jackie Appiah1

Jackie Appiah
Jackie Appiah

Jackie 8

Jackie 7

Jackie 9

Jackie A4

Jackie A3

Jackie A1

Jackie A6

Jackie A5


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  1. Jackie u gained our attention wai, y cant you do dis privately ? As usual makin people think u r de angel amongst us People do this all the time yet they dont publicise it stop this fake action of urs SMH! Tired of all this celebs takin pictures n all when dey give something 2 society nt attractive anymore. …

    1. It’s obvious she’s seeking attention, the only time she visited orphanage is on her birthday with her Canary bright yellow outfit looking like a banana

      1. @drmiyagi:disqus you forgot to add that her hair looks like dried spaghetti. hahahahahahaha….. i know her fans will come for me any moment from now.

      2. OMG, you took the words out of my mouth. Is weird she only go to this place only when it’s her HBD so that she will get cake from this innocent children.
        Shame on you for eating the cake if you’re helping the poor.

          1. That’s it….Jackie is a f.u.c.k.i.n.g narcissist. Her face on the books, really?? What’s the point, somebody elaborate. Thanks

    2. when she does it in private you will turn and say that she has not celebrated maybe because she has lacked what it takes. can any of you do this? Others prefer luxcurious beaches etc…Kudos to her. May God rweward her. you are rather seeking attention.

      1. Can anyone of us do this dude your a nincompoop for that statement do you even know Byna or what she does, people like you will forever be deceived

    3. Jackie Appiah has been doing this for years. So don’t come on this platform and write rubbish. Jackie the more they hate the more God blesses you.

      1. She has been doing this for years but it only comes out on her birthday right stop lying to your Somalian forehead, fake ass wannabes you people couldn’t even wish her a happy birthday but had to wait till she posted some charity stop to comment bunch of hypocrites, all of you are as fake ass that banana outfit she is wearing

    1. Kwasia. Learn what? These items didn’t even all come from her pocket. Let her rather be the one to learn from others. Mario Ballotelli gives 50% of his salary to African kids. Have you seen him flaunting it? SinSinging it or putting his face on books? Jackie wants the kids to keep remembering her. That’s all. Everytime they see book, they see her face. Nansins

  2. Jackie happy birthday am so proud of you always celebrating your birthday with the less privileged is one thing that makes me respect you. Thank you

  3. What a beauty you are a good example to others you always do this things and I am proud of you so please please don’t ever stop

  4. Jackie God richly bless you and give you more to continue to do what you do every year. You are a blessing to others and we are proud you are ghanaian

  5. Jackie could’ve spend her bday elsewhere to have fun….but she choose to spend it less privilege people. am very proud of you. you do have a kind heart and God will bless you. Happy Birthday.

  6. I think you are a wonderful person and a great versatile actress. God Bless you for making the kids smile. People should learn from this. Ignore the fools who come here and write nonsense. They wish they were you.