SHADOWS FROM THE PAST: Kwaw Kese Has Learnt His Past Lessons Shamefully in Prison

Kwaw Kese
Kwaw Kese

Yes, Kwaw Kese must be learning serious lessons from his past deeds now that he is in prison and those past experiences are banging him hard in the face.

Within a spate of 2 years, Kwaw Kese has NEEDLESSLY stepped on the toes of his own colleagues in the music industry – unfortunately, he felt no remorse then or apologized to any of those characters (at least as far as the public is concerned).

Kwaw Kese once said in an interview on Hitz FM’s Cruise Control that the ‘Dancehall King’ hit singer Shatta Wale is known to him but insisted they have nothing specifically in common. He posited:

“Shatta Wale is a buddy, not a friend.” He said they do not communicate and he doesn’t even have Shatta Wale’s phone number; “I do not even have his contact” he stated. Kwaw did not end at that.

Shatta Wale went on a three-state tour of the United States with performance scheduled at Maryland on the 25th July, 26th Chicago and New York on 9th August. Kwaw tweeted – making allusions to the fact that whenever some GH artistes visit the US, they act as tourists and that tweet generated some needless controversy because Shatta Wale was the notable GH artiste who was then in the US and taking pictures and sharing with his fans on social media.

Kwaw Tweeted:

“Some of these gh artists come to the us and act as tourists. Lol. Then after some minutes, followed it up with: Many GH artists are in the state but some fools think I’m referring to their champion, Ekutia biaa nim newura ampa!!!

Of course Shatta Wale and Bull Dog replied Kwaw too. It’s a well known fact that Kwaw Kese is in the camp of Da Hammer of the Last Two but a response by Da Hammer to Kwaw Kese’s tweet suggested that he was not really happy or enthused by his ”son’s” tweet.

Read (unedited) below his update on his Facebook which was shared by so many people including Bulldog who used the caption ”Respect Hammer” to register his agreement to Da Hammer’s update.

”Chale what’s wrong with an artiste site seeing in the US and documenting to share with his fans? Why can’t u see the positive part of this? How many artistes can be this real and raw? Just because you pretend to look like you are not excited about your first time and only share with your mirror (Yes we know) doesn’t mean you are in the clear. Wale is being real because he worked to get to this status and some of us are proud of him.

Kwaw continued with his sappy propensities. In defence of Samini Dagaati against Shatta Wale -two top Ghanaian dancehall artistes whose aging grudge never seems to cease. Kwaw called Shatta Wale Gbeebi – BABY DOG (a Samini song believed to be an insult at Shatta Wale – thus Bull dog being a mother dog, and his artist, Shatta being a baby dog)

Read the Tweet Kwaw made to that effect (unedited):

Kwaw Kese (@kwawkese):

@shattawalegh is barking in my inbox… hahaha gbee bi. Kwaw did not end there but continued: “Once again @samini_dagaati murdered @shattawalegh on stage… what else is da bull dog gonna bark on??? Hard work pays. Big up #Samini” Kwaw Kese (@kwawkese)

Kwaw Kesse did his worst. Kwaw, who is the CEO of Mad Time Entertainment, together with his late manager, Fennec Okyere, clandestinely registered MUSIGA’s Ghana Music Week celebration. They later claimed their reason for doing so was because President of MUSIGA, Bice Obour Osei Kuffour, wanted to register Ghana Music Week and own it forever. They caused unnecessary hubbub in the industry – though they latter handed it over to MUSIGA.

Today, Kwaw Kesse is in prison for allegedly smoking a substance suspected to be ‘wee’ or marijuana which is an offence against Ghana’s narcotic laws, and the very aforementioned personalities: Shatta Wale, Bull Dog, Hammer, Obour and MUSIGA at large, have all paid a warm and brotherly visit on him in solidarity.

Kwaw did not see Shatta as a friend, but the latter sees him as a friend. Only a true friend can do what Shatta Wale has down. Kwaw and his manager and MUSIGA’s GMW brouhaha story, nearly soiled the hard earned reputation of Obour, but today, MUSIGA, led by the same Obour are appealing for pardon on behalf of Kwaw Kesse.

MUSIGA is strongly appealing: “much as MUSIGA is against the use of illicit drugs by artistes, the union is appealing to the judge handling the case to temper justice with mercy and consider the social contributions of the artiste in handling his case.”

You may ask – why am I bringing all these up? The answer is simple – I want you and I, in fact all of us, to be wary of what we do today and how we treat others, because our past, most times, come to rebel against our present and or future. I have learnt something from this very article I have written – I hope you also pick some lessons from it. Until then….MOTWUM!!


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