Kwaw Kese Was Arrested for Not Just Smoking Weed Alone But for Also Smoking Weed With Impunity at a Public Place

Kwaw Kese
Kwaw Kese

For the last few weeks, many have paraded their ignorance in relation to Kwaw Kese’s weed arrest—forming all manner of ridiculous alliances and putting on social media all manner of absurdities…

Some of these people have argued that, smoking of weed should not be a crime in Ghana and as such, Kwaw Kese should be freed—ignorantly missing the fact that, for now it’s an offence in Ghana and if they see the law as unjust, parliament is the right place to head to, not the judge’s chambers.

Many have said Kwaw Kese is being punished unlawfully owning to the fact that he has been denied bail twice—and these people seem to forget there is an already existing narcotic law which forbids a judge from granting bail in narcotic related cases.

This morning on Joy Fm, the Ashanti Regional Commander- DCOP Kofi Boakye explained that, apart from Kwaw Kese smoking weed which is an offence, smoking in public (whatever substance it is) is also an offence—and the impunity with which he smoked the weed shows that he has no respect for the law.

According to MyJoyOnline.Com, DCOP Kofi Boakye said “Nobody went to Kwaw Kese’s room to smell his mouth and search him to arrest him. He was smoking openly 20 metres from a police barrier and if the police have not arrested him, what do you think would happened to the confidence and trust that the people have for [the] police.

He added “what do you think will happen to other people who have been arrested based on something that is not up to this level?”

DCOP Kofi Boakye continued by saying the ‘ Kwaw Kese’s case is an offense of drug use and one must also’ “look at the act of impunity. It is not what you do but how you do it in the world, it is not where you are but who you are. It’s not a matter as simple as using drug but it is the act of impunity, the act of carelessness [and] the act of lawlessness.”

“How can you go out to a pub, in front of the pub and sit down and start smoking? Even in Holland [and] Washington where it is legalized, you dare not smoke outside; you have to go to the coffee shop. Even where it is legalized, even public smoking of cigarette is prohibited how much more [Ghana]?”

DCOP Kofi Boakye stressed that the act of impunity exhibited by Kwaw Kese is “what we must all detest” and “prevent” because as a country that is governed by laws, “without law and order there cannot be economic development.”

The Police Commander said they’ve received several calls from certain people to temper justice with mercy but he asked; “how can you compromise on the law?”

Reiterating what Chris-Vincent recently wrote in an a recent article in relation to the lousy #FREEKwawKese campaign, DCOP Kofi Boakye said; “one mistake people are doing is that why should people say that they are going to form ‘Free Kwaw Kese’ group? Is he a political prisoner? That was a grievous mistake and it will not inure to the benefit of the accused. Why him but not the others; is it because he is a musician?”


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