Fraud Alert: Ghanaian Actress- Joyce Dzidzor Mensah Who Said She Had HIV/AIDS & Became HIV/AIDS Ambassador Touring Ghana Has Come Out to Say It Was All A BIG LIE

Joyce Dzidzor Mensah
Joyce Dzidzor Mensah

This should be a criminal offence somehow—if not, then it will be one of the biggest fraud commission by an individual to the detriment of a whole nation.

Actress- Joyce Dzidzor Mensah came out not long ago to say she has HIV/AIDS, following which she became a respected HIV/AIDS Ambassador in Ghana with regular appearance on TV to talk about the disease.

The actress has come out to say, she has had never tested positive for HIV and she was lying to the entire nation just to satisfy her selfish interest.

During her campaign or fraud days, HIV/AIDS Joyce Dzidzor Mensah said, she was HIV positive but was a healthy person because she was on antiretroviral drugs.

“She has had support and funding from several organizations, institutions, banks and civil society in her campaign across the country on how to prevent HIV and how persons who have tested positive can live healthily and happily with the virus”, NewsOne reports.

According to the newspaper, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah said, “she was only a scammer and that she decided to engage in a wild public deceit so as to get a place to lay her head at a time her neighbors were wrongly accusing her of having HIV”.

“I was known as the HIV ambassador. The story I shared in the past years was a fusion of my story and the stories of others. The truth of the matter is, I was never infected with HIV,” she said.

Below is exactly what Dzidzor said (put together by NewsOne):

I met a man in my church where I used to fellowship. We fell in love but I didn’t know of his HIV status.

Though he knew he was HIV positive, he never told me. A member of the church who is a nurse once saw me with him and she called me to advise me. The nurse advised me to be careful with him because she knew of his HIV status. Unfortunately for me, I met the nurse just a day after I had sex with the man.

I then confided in the nurse and she asked me to quickly report at the hospital so that I can be given PEP (Post Exposure Profilaxis). I did exactly that in order not to contract the HIV virus.

I became pregnant though, but I decided to keep the pregnancy.

My boyfriend fell sick and died before I had the baby. People stigmatized me without knowing if I contract HIV from him or not. I was eventually beaten and thrown out of the house I was living in with my parents. Having nowhere to stay, I went to live in the secretariat of the associations of persons living with HIV.

I prayed along and behaved as if I had HIV too just to have a place to lay my head and learn from people living with HIV. I attended a lot of workshops organized by NGO’s on HIV just to equip myself with information. I heard lots of HIV interesting stories from people on stigma related issues.

At a point in time, I accepted and lived like a person living with HIV. And I always told my story as if I was living with HIV, I shared my story based on what I went through just to let people know that people with HIV are normal human beings.

I would have contracted the virus and probably died but God saved me. That was why going to schools to educate them became my passion just for students to abstain from premarital sex.

Why I Acted As A Person Living With HIV

I realized that there was no way of defending myself when people started gossiping about me in my neighbourhood. It was because my boyfriend in the church died of AIDS and my church members and neighbours knew he died of AIDS. There was no way I could ever defend myself.

At a point, I had to accept the situation at hand. I knew there was going to be a time the truth about my status was going to come out, and this is the time.

I plead with the general public and my fans not to be disappointed in me for acting all these years. It was worth it because a lot of lives were saved through my advocacy work.

I also sincerely apologise to the hundreds of churches I have been to with my message both in Ghana and abroad to forgive me. I did it to fight HIV stigma and discrimination.

I also plead with schools, institutions and banks who have all benefited from my story to forgive me.

I now therefore want to thank all who have supported me throughout these years one way or the other.

Why the Confession Now?

I want to officially announce to the general public that I am no more the HIV ambassador due to the fact that the First Lady has been made the HIV ambassador.

Also, there have been rumours in town that I am dead but as at now I don’t know the source of the information. I was out of the country for three months now and I returned only to be receiving calls and text messages asking if I’m dead. My stepfather nearly collapsed when he heard the news about my death. I want to inform everyone that I am not dead.


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8 thoughts on “Fraud Alert: Ghanaian Actress- Joyce Dzidzor Mensah Who Said She Had HIV/AIDS & Became HIV/AIDS Ambassador Touring Ghana Has Come Out to Say It Was All A BIG LIE”

  1. what the heck??ur the most miserable person on earth..since u acted like u had HIV but did not, guess what, u gon have it now..i dunno how but we will hear about it.

  2. When I saw her in the movie she did with dumbell and on billboard in Ghana, I felt something wasn’t right, in a way I didn’t feel sorry for her there was just no connection, such a shame to live a lie it’s very disrespectful to those living with HIV, it was all greed and the fame she was soo excited about the benefitand attention she was getting from lying to everyone, now u apologising giving a lousy silly excuse, she had a choice to make it right, such a joke she is, urrrg

  3. can’t believe this? i recently watched your movie on ABN TV, and was really touched by your story. what happened? Is your husband really HIV too?

    • i think we need a part two of cross roads. the conclusion part of the movie when Joyce confesses … Mr Dumelo u’ve to play the 2nd part in English and Mr Samuel Ofori should play the Parts 1 and 2 , the Twi version. Joyce continues to play the lead role in both the Twi and English movies………

  4. The most controversial statement of the year (I am not HIV Positive.) Hmmmm… I’ve been doing a lot of thinking ever since I read this article early in the morning. Why did she lie to become one of the HIV ambassadors? Does she have any ill intention? Why is she now coming out to deny being HIV positive? Well, according to the Ghana Aids commission, Ms Joyce Mensah tested HIV positive in 2007. So, what has changed since she tested positive in 2007? This is where it gets interesting. If the information I read elsewhere is any thing to go by, then the authorities should investigate and probe this case ASAP. According to what I read; Joyce Mensah has a fiancé overseas, but their relationship recently turned sour when the family of the guy got to know about it. They caution the guy not to marry an HIV patient. So in my opinion, Ms Joyce Mensah’s proclamation that she is not HIV Positive is a desperate attempt to save her relationship. I suggest that, the authorities must take her to a credible lab and get her tested again just to be on the clear. Whatever the outcome may be, I think she did a good job by creating awareness on HIV stigmatization.

  5. Am so disgusted by this. i can’t believe this stupid lady came to our church making a fool out of ours just to assort money from us by selling her stupid CD. I wish she has AIDS and dies. BITCH,….


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