Don’t Do Drugs: ‘Stoned’ Columbia University Student Jumps Naked From 8th Floor Of Dormitory…In Critical Condition


So this guy’s receiving an Ivy League education yet he can’t be bothered to take proper care of himself.

19 year old Brandon Marco is an undergraduate at Columbia, and resides at the 14 storey Wien Hall on the campus of the University.

According to the NY Daily News Brandon was behaving weirdly, probably after an inhalation session in his dorm room.

“He wandered into a neighbouring room down the hall from his, acting irrationally and apparently under the influence of drugs”

Whilst in there, he stripped out of all his clothes, which set off alarm bells in the head of the room’s occupant, a female student.

The next thing anyone knew Marco was splattered on the third floor landing, which is where Police found him when they arrived in response to a 911 call.

He was conscious as he was being rushed away, but a police source told the Daily News he was suffering from intense internal bleeding and was in critical condition.

It is no surprise that students ‘indulge’ in these activities, but it seems this guy got stoned out of his mind to the point he probably felt he could fly.

That is a painful way to discover humans can’t fly.

I guess the moral here is don’t do drugs; you might end up like Naayele, Kwaw Kesse, or this here Columbia student.



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