So I Was RIGHT After All? | Kwaw Kese’s Management & MUSIGA Issue Statement Asking the So Called Celebrities to Stop Their Social Media Comments & End the #FREEKWAWKESE Campaign

Kwaw Kese
Kwaw Kese

On 8th December, 2014 I wrote an article on Kwaw Kese’s police remand and stated among other things that;

“You do not have to be a legal brainer to realize that, you do not start a social media campaign to free a person who has committed an alleged crime that is on the statute book—just because the person is some deluded celebrity.

The free ‘whatever campaigns’ come into force and have the tendency to bring change when an alleged crime is under contention, when the law is deemed as unjust in a particular instance or when an arrest/detention does not follow the rule of law or due process.

You do not gather a bunch of people on social media to try and pressure the judiciary into freeing someone when the law is well established, uncontested and unjust. And your celebrity friends cannot make any real impact in seeking your release by just loosely talking on radio or randomly visiting you in jail.

If these people do not know this; let me point it out to them that the old boys club-the judiciary hates this sort of immature intimidation and the more it continues, the more the judge will seek to define the borders by letting everyone know that he is in charge, with the power to set free or do otherwise.”

Today, MUSIGA and Kwaw Kese’s management- MadTime Entertainment have issued a joint statement asking all those ignorant celebrities to end their social media comments. And also to end the laughable #FREEKWAWKESE campaign—adding that, such activities go to worsen the plight of Kwaw.

I guess some people are now beginning to see what we saw long ago. Perhaps, it’s too late!

Read the full statement below;

On behalf of the Musicians Union of Ghana and Madtime Entertainment, we would like to express our gratitude to the general public for the tremendous show of support and campaigns for our brother and artiste, Kwaw Kese’s case in court.

While we are grateful to the General Public, the Media, Fellow Artistes and Fans for your valuable support, we ask that all parties desist from making statements that will be prejudicial in our brother’s quest for Justice.

We therefore calling on all parties to desist from making further statements and embarking on campaigns such as #FreeKwawKesse et al in a bid to support Kwaw Kesse. On the contrary, these activities along with the heightened media coverage only go to worsen the plight of Kwaw. With the full confidence in we have in Ghana’s Legal System, the Police and Prison Service we passionately make this plea.

Kwaw Kesse continues to remain an advocate of increased Youth Development programs and reforms in Ghana. He also remains committed to the “Say No To Drugs Campaign” as is evident in his support to Prisons and outreach programs each year. This year we are hopeful he may be able to do so again. Kwaw says “He challenges the youth of Ghana to be positive, be patriotic and to do all they can to follow their dreams.”

We continue to trust in God and are confident of a good outcome. “In God We Trust”.


Ahuma Bosco Ocansey
Director of Communications and Special Projects


Kevin Aggrey
MadTime Entertainment.



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