Deborah Vanessa Says She Indeed Loves all the ‘BAD’ Attention

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Deborah Vanessa
Deborah Vanessa

When it comes to attention seeking, a great number of people in the limelight are known to be addicts. Celebrities all over the world embark on numerous publicity stunts to get their names trending on various media platforms. These make them somewhat relevant in their line of work. However, such celebrities refuse to accept that they do all sort of crazy things in the name of attention seeking.

Deborah Vanessa, otherwise known as Sister Debbie (real name Deborah Vanessa Owusu-Bonsu) whose exact profession cannot be clearly defined as to whether she is a model, TV presenter, musician (just name them) has come out to say she indeed loves attention.

In a publication by Graphic Showbiz, Deborah Vanessa stated among other things that she has always loved attention ever since she was a kid so she has no problem if people see her as an attention seeker. According to her, she doesn’t pretend and by virtue of that she ought to celebrate herself. As to whether there’s something worth celebrating about her, we can’t tell.

Few days ago, our eyes were treated with disdain when Sister Debbie decided to share an out-and-out n*de picture with us. As descendants of Adam, our eyes couldn’t neglect the offer that was put before us. Without any degree in rocket science, there’s no way one could say it wasn’t an act to gain the needed attention she longed for.

Commenting on the picture, Sister Debbie told Graphic Showbiz that “the picture was among others that were taken way back in June this year. It was not my intention to upload it online. I didn’t post it myself but when I noticed how people liked and re-tweeted it, I decided to let go. But truth be told, I have a nice body so I need to celebrate it.”

According to her, many women will do all kinds of things to get the kind of body that she has been blessed with. “I have a nice skin tone, no scars, and no stretch marks so I need to flaunt what I have been blessed with.”

Now that you know Sister Debbie loves attention, please don’t hesitate to give her some whenever you come into contact with her—especially the bad attention.

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