Ghana League Is Dying | Ghana Football Association Should Wake Up

Ghana league


The once upon time enviable Ghanaian league is on the brink of collapse as result of a protracted lawsuit instigated by the bank roller of King Faisal Babies Alhaji Karim Grusah. The 2014-2015 season is yet to commence and it seems people have even forgotten a Ghanaian league exists.

Supersport has threatened to withdraw their services and sever any form marriage they have with Ghana football association if the “symptoms persist.”

In the early 90’s right through the early part of the new millennium, the Ghanaian league was a toast of many soccer fanatics. People trooped to the various stadia to catch a glimpse of their favourite football players.

The two most glamorous clubs in Ghana; Accra Hearts Of Oak and Kumasi Asante Kotoko gave spectators the real brand of soccer artistry typical of Ghanaians. Charles Tailor, then with Accra Great Olympics and later transferred to Hearts was our own version of Brazilian legend Romario. Talented footballers like Ishmael Addo, Emmanuel Osei Kuffour, Stephen Oduro and the endles stars whose names cannot fill my limited space here ensured Ghana league was rated one of the best on the continent.

It was during that era that our various national teams blossomed and annexed several trophies in various tournaments.

As it stands now, the league is nothing to write home about. It is neither lucrative nor appealing. Every player wants go and play outside. As disgusting as it may sound, there are many Ghanaian players in ‘impoverished’ countries like Vietnam and Thailand wasting their talent because to them it’s better than what they had in Ghana.

There is no single player in our league today who can be described as extremely talented or close to that word. This has lessened the enthusiasm of the supporters and all stakeholders’ interest in our league. Even a wasteful Edinson Roberto Cavani would be hailed a huge star in our domestic league set up.

The fans themselves have also helped in a subtle way to collapse the league. Their interest in foreign league is quite overwhelming. I conducted a random survey in order to give this piece credence and 90% of my respondents could not mention 10 of the teams in the top flight of our league. Yet they blurted out names of almost all the teams in the English premier league and some popular ones in Europe.

Some in attempt to showcase their immense knowledge of the subject went further by giving me names of some teams in the second divisions and the names of almost all the players in various teams. I was stunned. People prefer to pay money to watch European leagues on various outlets scattered all over the country than to go the stadium and watch our local champions.

The Ghana Football Association and the League board should find a pragmatic way of salvaging the league. Club owners should provide mouth watering incentives and remuneration to their players to retain them.

Every member of the current Black Stars team has once upon time played in the league. If the league collapses, how do we build a national team, let alone win tournaments?


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