Update on Castro & Janet Bandu’s Disappearance: Janet Bandu’s Father Says Asamoah Gyan and Castro’s Family Have Not Still Come to See Him

Janet Bandu
Janet Bandu

The Castro and Janet Bandu’s disappearance is really sad—but what is heartbreaking is the fact that, Asamoah Gyan’s people and Castro’s family have still not gone to officially see Janet Bandu’s father, or officially inform him of the disaster.

Courtesy and Culture demand that, at least Castro’s family or Asamoah Gyan’s people who were responsible for Janet Bandu’s trip to Ada should have visited Janet Bandu’s family—and officially inform him of what happened.

But according to Janet Bandu’s father who spoke on Hitz Fm, up to date everything he knows about his daughter’s disappearance is from the radio—and none of the parties who took his daughter to Ada have come to even see him…

Nothing should have stopped Asamoah Gyan from putting together an entourage to visit Janet Bandu’s family and officially inform them of what happened to their relative but he doesn’t seem to get it…

Listen to Janet Bandu’s father below…



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  1. That’s when money talks, other than that Janet ‘ s father should take the initiative to hire a lawyer to question Asamoa Gyan.