Next Year I Am F**king My Way to the Top | The Wh*res Keep Winning

Akosua Abebrese

This is one of those many hard truths but the fact remains; the wh*res keep winning and we cannot do anything about it—in fact, who can stop them?

I am one of those women who are mostly worried about not wanting to taint my background, and breaking rules even if not binding has never been part of me. I wouldn’t say I am a goddam saint but if you wouldn’t pull your panties down when 1 million dollar is placed in front of you—then you are my twin sister.

Like some few African women from good Christian or Muslim homes, I define my existence with a hell lot of rules—some I do not even know why I obey them, perhaps, because my grandmother told me I should follow them.

I have boxed myself into this cubicle of principles full of decency and the need to care about my image to the extent that, my struggles are yielding no returns while my colleagues are reaping where they did not sow.

My friend is able to turn her 2 hours late night dinner date into thousands of dollars from her date who on top has to pay for the food. Don’t get me wrong, this friend is not a magician and she does not have any African dwarf; she just has refused to live within the laws of decency.  And next year, I will definitely be rocking with her.

I will be hitting 30 years soon and I am still living from salary to salary—while those without jobs are living from one big pocket to another. My best friend drives a BMW and when we were at University, she was the definition of dumb—but she always managed to pass her papers because the laws of decency were not in her books.

Today, she has an enviable job which she hardly shows up for, yet she gets paid as much as she wants—because she is sleeping with her boss, a married man with 2 kids. Of course, I can never do this but at the end of the day, she seems to be winning while I keep ranting…

Did I say I can never do this? Yes I couldn’t do that but next year, I am going to let go my principles and join the winning team—whatever it is that is fetching them the big wins; count me in because there is no way I will hustle through another year like I did this year.

I am ready to compromise on a lot, breakaway from the decency rules and redefine the direction of my life. But I am not ready to compromise on certain fundamentals which includes; going for black magic, drug trade or taking anything below my worth—even if that is just the beginning.

However, I am ready to rock shoulders with those who are making life a hell lot harder for me and the many other decent women out there—simply because they’ve decided to leave the box of rules behind.

Morality has always been my down fall and the era made up of desires to do what is good with a future reward which never comes has ended for me. To be frank, I have no choice than to jump into the sailing boat because the other one is sinking fast…

My landlady has just increased the rent and yet still she has refused to fix the leaking water which means, the next water bill will also be high. I cannot count the number of times the ‘trotro driver’ has jumped on the regularly fuel increase in Ghana to adjust his fares. Even the ‘waakye seller’ has changed her ladle; she has gone for a smaller one while still scooping just 5 into my bowl. The only thing that has not really changed is my tiny salary.

As they say, when you are given a lemon just try and make lemonade out of it. I am cutting my bitter lemons into pieces and next year, I will make one big jar of lemonade—capable of quenching the many years of the good girl thirst.

I am not asking you to come and join me, I mean the winning team. And do not think I am about to prostitute myself away because that is far from. What I am about to do is to redefine the rules according to what I want—and make sure I am comfortably floating. I’ve definitely had enough of the long stagnant swim…

It has been one hell of a long year for me out here but things are about to change for the better because next year, I will definitely be joining the winning team—come what may.

But the biggest question is; even with this game plan, who determines what is a win or a loss? Perhaps, instead of changing who I am to be able to win, why don’t I redefine what winning means to me? I believe you should consider that too…

Happy New Year!


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