Did He Really Say That? | Bishop Dag Heward-Mills Says We Are Living in a Better Ghana…

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Bishop Dag Heward-Mills


First of all, it seems we have more bishops than school dropouts in Ghana and I cannot just get my head around it.

According to the Presiding Bishop of Lighthouse Chapel, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, Ghanaians are living in a better Ghana and as such Ghanaians should appreciate what we have—and also take note of the fact that we are better off than people in several other countries.

I hate to hear these rich men of God and politicians say we should keep calm or appreciate our bad circumstance because others are in a worse boat. Who cares about those doing bad? What about the many countries far better than us?

During his Christmas Day sermon, the Bishop said “when you look at all the shopping malls coming up in the country for instance, you can tell that we are living in a Better Ghana and we need to be grateful.”

Really? So shopping malls are the indicators of good living or better Ghana?

Bishop Heward-Mills continued; “When you go to these malls you see that America has been brought to Ghana and that is obviously a sign of a better Ghana. It did not use to be so but now it is.”

Let me ask this simple question; is this man for real?

The Bishop also stated that recently he was in Guinea when Miss Guinea was crowned and her prize included a return trip to Ghana, which clearly meant that Guineans saw something in Ghana that they did not have in their country.

Dag Heward-Mills again said, on a recent trip from Sierra Leone, he noticed that the Free Town Airport had only one aircraft sitting there, but on arrival in Ghana, he saw several aircrafts belonging to various airlines at the Kotoka International Airport.

“Clearly this is another sign that we are living in a better Ghana,” he said. “In fact a wealthy friend of mine told me his two favorite cities in the world are Paris and Accra, so we should not downplay what we have.”

So why is the Bishop picking the worst countries to make his case? If we are living in a better Ghana, shouldn’t he be comparing our situation to some of the good countries? After all we are better…right?

This is the reason why the Ghana boat is sinking and we cannot even see it…

GC Staff Yaa