Has KKD Gotten a Dysfunctional Obsession for Young Girls With Height? | Another Girl Shares Her Encounter With KKD & Says ‘It Could Have Been Her’

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Dela Goldheart

A young girl by name Dela Goldheart on facebook has shared her encounter with KKD–suggesting that, she can identify with the 19 year old girl KKD is accused of raping.

According this girl, KKD seems to have some weird fetish with young girls with height and when she met KKD some time back under KKD’s request, his first question went straight to her height.

She seems to suggest in her write up that, she was a little more smart with her choices which probably saved her from ‘rape’ or any sexual assault from KKD.

Read her full message below….

Dela Goldheart




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  1. I hkm ve been compiling information on social media for the past few days since the rape allegation broke out. There seem to be a pattern going on here. (1) KKD like teenagers. (2) he likes them tall and skinny. (3) These two type of females fits his profile. They are the easy prey. Honestly speaking, I’ve analyzed and scrutinized all the allegations leveled against him, and it looks like we have the most notorious serial rapist in Ghana’s history. First of all, KKD knows very well that, most tall and skinny girls will love the idea of modeling, so, he used that as a bait to fish out his victims. I have watched and read a lot about serial murderers/rapist and they all have certain targets. You have to look certain way to fit their profile. And in KKD’s situation, he likes tall and skinny teenage girls. It’s not a coincidence that his victims were/are all teenagers. He is a pedophile plain and simple. I hope people will stop victimizing the girl for blowing the horn on this sick individual.

    1. King Kweku…you are damn ryt, u hit the nail ryt there…we have the most notorious serial rapist in Ghana’s history… this is a serial offender, he’s done it sooo many times and his cup just got full…. thank God for the bravery of the young gurl to report this and bring this devil down… I will stand behind her any day….I just pray she gets a very good lawyer to defend her… Ghana is behind her