KKD’s Facebook Page Gets Updated | Message Says Don’t Dance On My Grave + God is Not Done Yet

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KKD facebook
KKD facebook

It’s the arrogance and self righteousness of people like KKD who keep calling the name of God that really taints the God conception for many people.

Few minutes ago, someone updated KKD’s facebook page—and we believe it is someone (not him) because there is no way he would have internet in a police cell where he is currently being held for allegedly raping a 19 year old girl.

KKD has admitted having seks with this 19 year old girl but claims it was consensual—something the girl has denied, stating, he raped her.

As part of the message KKD or whoever posted on his facebook wall, he said “Dance. Just don’t dance on what you think is my grave. God is not done yet.”.

I personally find it upsetting when adults do not want to take responsibility for their own actions—and go about blaming others.

Who is dancing on your grave Mr. KKD? You made your own decision, acted on it by going in for a 19 year old girl who says you rapped her, instead of taking responsibility for this action; here we go with the blame game.

Was it even necessary for whoever has access to the account to make such a post in KKD’s name? And if he instructed it to be posted, he should remember that such posts will not help him in Court.

What do you think? Where is the remorse?

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  1. RIIIIIIGHHHHHHTTTTT ON Point Chris,,,like What the FREAKING HELL. lol…Take responsibility for ur freaking actions…his hypocrisy acts irks me soo much

  2. Hope it’s not one of those typical Ghana situations where an influential drug suspect supposed to be in custody was seen having fun at Akosombo.
    If it’s KKD posting, he better stop. A friend or family member should stop if same is responsible. or they might implicate even the police

  3. Who is dancing on your grave Mr. KKD? Abena, do you even have to ask? Here let me help you. Look in the mirror. You’ll get your answer.

  4. what is his name mpo! who Is dancing to your stupidity, who cares if you fall or stand, did I send you to go and wind your waist? anokwa paaa, hmmmm, where was God when you were panting, foolish he goat, this should be a lesson to those animals in human form who thinks ; if a girl is 15yrs mpo a she is old for their liking. pedophiles . . . they see everything to be right in their world, how I wish it was somebody. hmmmm, I am waiting patiently for your turn for your cup will soon be full up.