Of Course KKD the ‘Douche Bag’ Did Not RAPE the Girl | ODBs Are Above the Law


I am back and if you do not like it, just get the hell out of my way—because we definitely need to use of you for experiments in the laboratory, you are no difference from mice when it comes to your abilities to evaluate situations and come to establish the truth.

The past few days have been filled with reports, arguments and opinions on the Kwesi Kyei Darkwah’s alleged raping of a 19 year old girl’s case—following which about 10 more women have come out to state how this notorious se*ual predator took advantage of them when some were as young as 11 and 14 years.

Despite how strange it is that a 50 year old man met a girl as young as 19, capable of being his daughter at a hotel—and instantly decided to want to have seks with her and in fact proceeded to do so, many still seem to believe, KKD did nothing wrong.

Of course he did nothing wrong because many of those defending his actions and failing to take a minute to consider the stories of the various women themselves are no different from KKD—our streets are full of old dirty bast*rds who prey on little girls like hawks.

For Christ sake, which reputable level headed man will meet a young girl at a hotel, take the girl together with her cousin and his cousin into his hotel room—and while there, go to have seks with this newly met girl in the bathroom? Even if you are one of those acute mentally constipated douchebags who believe the girl was not raped, what do you make out of this man’s behaviour, lack of self respect and morals?

The only thing that stops most men from breaking the law or raping women is self respect, morals and decent behaviour—what KKD claims to have happened that night lacks any of these elements and therefore, what makes anyone think he did not rape the girl as she claims or he is not capable of doing so?

When it comes to smart but foolish se*ual predators like KKD, they buy into this conception of delusion fuelled by fame and the stupidity of some people who have no heads to think—therefore would support them no matter what.  These predators use some sort of arrogance, self-obsession and several cunning traits like being the finest to cloud the judgement of those who may see through the smoke—and at the same time, to prey on their victims. Notably, predators like KKD starts lying to themselves about their actions that there is nothing wrong with what they are doing—and eventually begin to believe in their own lies.

And if it happens that this ODBs live in societies like Ghana where se*ually abused victims are never the true victims but become the culprits; then they will ride on the insensitivity and stupidity of the society to perpetuate their acts. Because, the victims cannot even go out and say it—the society will slam them, call them all sorts of names and come up with dumb arguments that a man running to the toilet would not even make, just to discredit these women victims.

Our Ghanaian society is pathetic and it came to light at yesterday’s Ghana Movie Awards where almost all the so called comedians who need to find a job at a factory (because they are not funny) for some weird reason thought someone having been se*ually abused/raped should become the theme of their jokes..

A girl as young as 19 years old’s life has been ruined by a deluded predator and you people think it is funny? Shockingly, female comediennes like Afia Schwarzenegger also thought it was funny, reasonable and acceptable to be throwing some non-funny jokes out there about this girl’s on-going rape ordeal.

Talking about delusion; I am more than certain that, KKD thinks he is above the law—all existing laws either legal, moral, religious or personal law. And this became evident yesterday in how he even dressed to court—and the message that was later posted on his facebook page where he pathetically invoked the name of God.

Even if you claim the se*ual intercourse was consensual and not rape, do you think God will be happy that an ODB like you just took a girl from an event at a hotel—a girl younger than your own daughter and took her into his bathroom within few minutes to sleep with her? What has God become these days then?

For many years, women have suffered in shame and silence—and societies like the one we have in Ghana have made it worse—and pitifully this has given people like KKD the perfect opportunity to take advantage, abuse and violate the dignities of girls, including minors without regret or an attempt to watch their backs.

It would be unfair on his daughter or else, I would have said; life is definitely a bytch, married to karma for many years and they never fail to show their faces when you least expect them…

How the girl got into KKD's bathroom
How the girl got into KKD’s bathroom


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