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7 Year Old Walks Unharmed From A Plane Crash That Killed Her Family

Piper Gutzler and her younger sister Sailor
Piper Gutzler and her younger sister Sailor

I am pretty sure this must be what my country people mean when they say ‘miracle’.

In a display of extraordinary bravery, 7 year old Sailor Gutzler walked almost a mile with injuries all over her body to find a place of safety after surviving a plane crash.

She had been involved in the crash with some members of her family including her mom, dad, sister, and cousin; all of whom died on the spot.

Sailor survived, and with injuries all over, wearing no shoes, she trekked the about a mile journey through foresty areas in freezing conditions to reach the source of light she was seeing in the distance.

It turned out to be the house of 71 year old Larry Wilkins, who answered a knock on his door to see the little girl in not so good shape, claiming she survived a plane crash.

Wilkins called 911, and emergency services arrived soon after.

Sailor was treated and discharged, and officials later found the site of the crash where all other four people on board were confirmed dead.

They were Sailor’s parents Marty and Kimberly Gutzler, her 9 year old sister Piper, and her cousin Sierra Wilder, who was 12.

The plane reported engine control and lost contact with air traffic controllers, ABC News reported. Controllers were attempting to direct the pilot to make an emergency landing at a nearby airstrip, about 7 miles from where the plane went down.

Sailor was treated, discharged, and handed over to the care of her grandparents, whilst the entire America has been marvelling over her bravery.

Wow. For a 7 year old to go through so much; at least she displayed impressive resourcefulness.

This is what you would call a miracle, if you believed in those sorts of things.


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2 thoughts on “7 Year Old Walks Unharmed From A Plane Crash That Killed Her Family”

  1. oh yes that is a miracle! that could only be by God Almighty…And wow her t-shirt read ‘You Cant Stop Me” yes Sailor not even a plane crash could stop u from living to glorify. this testimony gives glory to God. praise be to His name

  2. So dear writer, what could be the possible explanation for the survivor of this plane crash that killed every one else on board?


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