Attempt to Steal Wallet Gets Young Man Burnt to Death in Dansoman

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They like to be called DC, Dansoman City. Unfortunately the Police in DC have a totally different kind of DC to deal with this morning, a Dansoman Corpse.

Citifmonline reports that two gentlemen attempted to rob a gentleman who was bathing of his wallet in the capital suburb Wednesday night. Unfortunately for them, the gentleman came out, saw the two, and raised an alarm that alerted residents in the area.

One of the duo managed to make his escape, but the second guy was unfortunate enough to be captured. In this vigilante system of ours, he was subsequently lynched, then set ablaze.

Police reported to the scene later on, carting the body away to the morgue. The victim is yet to be identified, but Police are still carrying out investigations.

This kind of mob justice is nothing new in this country; and it often befalls these kinds of petty criminals. Trying to lift someone’s wallet does not in any way warrant a gruesome death at the hands of an angry mob with deflecting their frustrations with life.

Another side effect is a totally innocent person could be lynched before the facts of the issue have been determined. It’s not unheard of, and it’s exactly the reason we have the law and courts to dole out punishments in such cases.


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  1. My heart bleeds whenever I read stories like this. Regardless of his crime, he doesn’t deserve to die in such a barbaric way. My argument is that; if they can burn him for attempting to steal a wallet, what should happen to them for committing a heinous murder? Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  2. Until the police started arresting and prosecuting those blood thirsty maniacs, jungle justice will never stop.

  3. Not that I agree with the killing, but he was a robber tried to rob house. They were actually 3 and the 2 got away. I live in that area and these robbers have been tormenting us for the past few months.

    1. They are not armed robbers. Those guy’s are petty thieves. They don’t deserve to be burnt like animals. Ghana is a democratic nation. We have police stations, prison houses and court system, which were set up to deal with criminals like this.

      1. King Kweku Quincy,
        I agree with you except the point about Ghana being a democratic country. Simply going to the polls doesn’t make you democratic. The mentality of the populace is what makes Ghana a very undemocratic country. Most of the mob that committed this crime believes the meaning of democracy is doing what you want. They caught some petty thieves and decided the wanted to kill them so the did it. In a democratic country the citizen knows his rights and the law- at least majority do. So they’ll have known that killing someone over a wallet is a criminal act. Ghana pretends to be democratic and most of the laws are cut and paste from other places. There were no serious debates or critical review of the law by the lawmakers. So don’t be surprise majority including the lawmakers don’t know much about the law.

        1. Do you know what is sad? Most of those people will tell you in a minute that they’re born again Christians. But in the eye’s of God they’re murderers.

          1. Sleeping in a garage does not make one a car. In the same way, people claim they are Christians just bcos they go to church on Sundays. True Christians are compassionate bcos believe it or not, we have the Holy spirit living in us. I for one have expressed my disgust at this barbaric act and I’m proud to say im a born again Christian.

          2. Yes they will claim that. But anyone who’s visited Ghana knows very few of them are followers of Christ. What is practised in Ghana is some form of voodooism with the name of Jesus scattered around it to make it look decent. Jesus will be appalled by what his so called followers do in Ghana. I don’t know why the call themselves Christians. Because there is no Christ in anything they do in their lives except the loud noises the make with his name.

          3. The police should have arrested them too because they have murdered someone. The case wasn’t even theirs. The police and government should speak out about this.

  4. I disregard such barbaric act and Ghana police must put a stop to this before it becomes something else. However based on what these thieves did to me last year whiles in Ghana for my placement, I don’t feel sorry for him. (God forgive me for being heartless – Amen).