KKD Remanded in Prison to Reappear in Court on January 22

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Kwesi Kyei Darkwah (KKD) appeared in Court today over the alleged rape charges hovering over his heard, and he has been remanded in prison to reappear in Court on January 22…

A move KKD’s legal team made has come back to bite their butt; they filed an application for bail at the Human Rights Court which was heard yesterday—and the Court requested that they come back on January 13 as the prosecutor complained of only having been served a day before.

As a result of the above, the District Court today said, since they have already made an application for bail at the Human Rights Court, it would be prudent to hear the outcome of that application before it continues with its hearing—which would likely be to transfer the case to a higher court.

Meanwhile, the court has ordered for KKD to be thrown back in police cells and come back on January 22 by which they outcome of the bail application at the Human Rights Court would have been determined.