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Jackie Chan’s Son Jaycee Jailed for Weed Offence in China | Should Kwaw Kese Be Worried?

Jaycee Chan
Jaycee Chan

Action film star-Jackie Chan’s son-Jaycee Chan has been jailed for six months for a drug offence in China…

Jaycee Chan, 32, pleaded guilty in Beijing’s Dongcheng District Court to “sheltering others to use drugs”.

Police raided his home in August and found more than 100g of marijuana. He faced a maximum sentence of three years but only received 6 months.

Chan’s arrest came amid a drug use crackdown in China which saw several celebrities arrested.

In June 2014, President Xi Jinping ordered police to use strong measures to stop drug use.

The sentencing of Jaycee Chan, son of one of China’s most famous actors underlines a key message from the Chinese government that no-one is immune from China’s crackdown on illegal drugs…

The question is; should Ghanaian celebrity-Kwaw Kese who is currently facing weed related charges be worried?


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2 thoughts on “Jackie Chan’s Son Jaycee Jailed for Weed Offence in China | Should Kwaw Kese Be Worried?”

  1. Whomever wrote this article is trying to convict Kwaw Kesse before he gets his day in court. I am not surprised you picked China. Newflash, china is still an authoritarian state. Where people a jailed for stupid offenses. I hope the writer knows that in china because of the one child per family law if you have more than one you can be jailed or fined more than 20,000 dollars and lose your job. Or if you leave your village to go to the cities, your kids don’t qualify to attend schools and used the medical facilities in the city. There are many other silly laws that makes china undemocratic. So if the writer wants to compare Ghana to China, then he/she is admitting that Ghana is not democratic in which case this whole exercise is useless. It takes collective maturity and sense to discuss the whole weed issue. But in authoritarian states and in the eyes of the puritans, someone smoking weed is a worse crime than murdering thousands of people. The biggest fear of a puritan is that somewhere someone is having fun. That seem to be the attitude of most backward countries on drugs. Including China. Whom does smoking weed hurt? Aside from the person, who else suffers from someone smoking weed? The whole war on weed is an insidious experiment and most sensible states are decriminalizing it. Only backward countries and the right wing nutters in civilized countries continue to push for it to be criminalized.

  2. you are the smartest person i have seen on GC.. Whoever wrote this article needs to go back to JSS. If alcohol which causes far bigger damage is legal than there should be no question wed should be legalized. even cigarettes are legal.. the person who wrote this article has the same extremist ideology like Osama. there is no place for people like you in today’s society. haha lack of education .. if you compare china laws to ghanaian laws it shows you are not even good enough to be a writer


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