Afia Schwarzenegger: The Power of Weed Smoking & Illiteracy…

Afia Schwarzenegger
Afia Schwarzenegger

I wouldn’t want to say much because we all know the score but the question remains; why has the Despite Group of Companies employed this Lunatic weed smoker and illiterate garbage?

And my crimes are these;

My blog revealed that her so called husband-Godson Yaw Boakye is in fact married to a certain Gladys Cobbina Boakye for over 10 years—and currently lives with her and their 3 kids in UK.

Again, my blog told the truth that Godson Yaw Boakye is not a pastor as Afia Schwarzenegger claimed—he was a mere deacon, now suspended.

Also, my blog published an audio in which the presiding pastor of Godson Yaw Boakye’s church-Resurrection Power and Living Bread Ministries explained that, Afia Schwarzenegger is living in Yaw Boakye’s house at Haatso as a mere CARETAKER and not a wife…

Lastly, she is a known weed smoker and an illiterate—and my blog just mentioned it (said the truth).

Gosh, she can’t even spell LIVING—and what is project houses?

You know what they say; the truth hurts… And don’t worry yourself about how she got to know my friend has a small d*ck because we all know her former occupation from Adabraka and South Africa…

She wants attention so let’s get her some while we laugh!



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28 thoughts on “Afia Schwarzenegger: The Power of Weed Smoking & Illiteracy…”

  1. Ashawo. It is not her fault because in Ghana every ashawo or illiterate is called a celebrity. This girl is just bush and I am particularly happy GC exposed her. She is still crying over the exposure

  2. U should expect these public figures to respond to stories you do about their life. So please learn to take it. Its not necessary to repost some of these responses. The same way she gets traffic to your website that’s the same way she pulls audience to her tv programs. So is not in your place to question her employer’s on why they have given her a job. There are people who will not miss her programme for anything.

    sometimes I wonder why we fuss about people not speaking English. I thought English was everything until i visited a few countries in Europe. Who cares?

    You did a good job on exposing issues surrounding her relationship. But I think now you are getting too personal. I think this blog has grown beyond you so you should learn to ignore sometimes.

    • Well if she can’t s write simple English, then why not writes in Twi ? Now I want to ask you what positive impact does Afia has in our society as a celebrity? tell her to stop interfering in English language….Is a shame.!!!

    • So you are saying her employers made a good decision by employing someone like her? So Chris’ blog has grown beyond him the creator so he should not publish personal things when it is his personal blog? I am confused her come again.

      This girl is a a lunatic as Chris rightly said. Look at how she is dressed in that photo. If English is not important to others, it is to Ghanaians so as a Ghanaian who wants to be taken serious or call others names why doesn’t she learn to write well. Why didn’t you write your comment in twi for us all if that is important than English to you

    • But Chris did’nt attack her or anything so what do you mean by ignore? He just published what Afia wrote making her look stupid and pointed out what he might have done to warrant the attack which I believe he didnt do anything bad except his work. The reason why me and you come here is to read what Chris has to say and that is what he did.

    • oh say that again…she’s mkn it way too difficult fr some of her fans; not that we r being paid to like her or be her fan. lol but seriously she needs to simmer down

  3. Retired village prostitute.Her choice of words is even embarrassing . She looks fraustrated. Still nursing her broken heart. Delay must be having a gud laugh at her .

  4. Oh wow Chris you sure know how to get under the skin of some of these “celebrities”. But seriously am beginning to think that something is really wrong with afia, I think she is really depressed especially with the events that have taken place recently.

  5. Seriously, Afia you speak like a bush person. Which responsible woman talks about someone wanting to EAT HER TOILET on social media?? Gosh!! That is so disgusting! Your being over assertive and too vocal wont take you anywhere. Watch your mouth Afia, lest, it gets you into even bigger troubles. Just pray your loud mouth doesnt land you in jail. Thats my 2 cents to you.

    • I am even looking for a council flat to stay in. Am currently paying £600 for a studio. I bet she has never been to the uk before that’s y she think staying in council flat is bad. Village champion


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