The Radical Degrading of Women by Women | Who is to Be Blamed?


A lot has changed in the last few years and before I proceed, let me ask this; have you realized the diminishing value in women decency, caused and perpetuated by women?

A few years ago, men were attacked from all angles by women for their unhealthy objectification of women—and many women threw hard punches at men who treated women like wh*res. But today, the men do not even have to waste their time masterminding such activities; the women themselves are doing it—selling their bodies in a perfect competitive market.

From our streets to the various movie and music industries, women are ready to do anything for attention—and this means, they are ready to strip down to their butts as long as their aim would be achieved. This is not an issue of social conditioning or a problem grounded in our patriarchal societies—as some may want us to believe.

Moral standards have fallen swiftly and the increasing liberal laws have created that perfect dirty fountain for such nonsense to flourish at our backyards. Almost every woman is a contributor and an active team player of club women degraders—lead by the countless celebrities from Seoul to Kigali.

Music videos by our top female musicians from any part of the world endorse this radical degrading of women, with these artistes cutting deep into everything that made a woman a decent person of substance. The movie industries are not any better as every woman on our screen is ready to compromise on her decency for fame, disguised as careers or passion.

These are celebrities who are mostly regarded as a little retarded and shallow—and as such, we probably should not worry ourselves with their actions and omissions which hit hard at the centre of the dignities of women. But down the ladder, the ordinary woman is not any different from the celebrity—with almost every young or adult person showing more than necessary on social media.

Some call it civilisation, liberalisation, feminism or urbanisation but to be frank, these words are just jargons, well positioned to distort our appreciation of the fact that women are swiftly depreciating the core essence of being women. We are back to a new era where women are only good when they take off their clothes or when they show more than necessary. Pathetically, they are doing it themselves, without any sort of external coercion from the old stinking culprits-men…

I’ve heard arguments such as; women are doing all these—dressing like dogs and deliberately posing as first degree wh*res because that is what the men want; and who said, women ought to do what the men want (even if that is the case) to the detriment of their own value which undisputedly has always been grounded in decency?

Perhaps, if you take a few minutes to watch the above music video by Jennifer Lopez featuring Iggy Azalea, you would get a clear idea as to what being a woman of substance has become today—and don’t get me wrong, that is not all—there are millions of such videos and behaviour out there by women.

It’s not just a disease of the West, it has branches all across the world—Africa is no different. It’s not a celebrity culture, it has become the woman culture; and they even fight to have the right to do so—I mean, women are fighting to be allowed to degrade themselves in a way that has ceased to be shocking…

It’s not as a result of lack of fabrics that the most expensive dresses made by women for women cover less than a bikini could cover—it has somewhat become part of their bloodstream, that the more radically degraded a woman is; the sexier she is…

And when I look around, I still cannot figure out how we got to this stage—an era where stripping off in public by women has become far easier than farting in private.

If anyone must be blamed for this, I don’t think the man deserves the punch—most women are making a big joke out of themselves in their quest to belong or be whatever they are confused about…


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3 thoughts on “The Radical Degrading of Women by Women | Who is to Be Blamed?”

  1. Hmmm…this one struck home….so true….time to take a few steps back….it’s never too late to reclaim the real essence of womanhood. …that’s if we even admit we have a problem on our hands and are willing to do what needs to be done


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