PHOTOS: She Has Louis Vuitton Bags Too…Meet Amanda Acquah, Kenpong’s Ex-Wife Who Made that SHOCKING Audio

Amanda Acquah
Amanda Acquah

Earlier today, GhanaCelebrities.Com published some videos and photos of Ghanaian millionaire Kenpong’s young girlfriend-Mona who has brutally insulted by Amanda Acquah—calling her a wh*re and alleging that several prominent Ghanaians including Otumfuo have slept with her.

Mona has been living large—on the cash planet of her millionaire boyfriend-Kennedy Agyepong aka Kenpong.

Now let’s look at Amanda Acquah, the former ex-wife of Kenpong, now married to Ghanaian footballer-Afriyie Acquah—the woman behind the shocking audio.

She also seems to be living large inside the pocket of her footballer husband who she claims makes over 1 million Euro each year….

And she seems to love her LV bags, just as Mona—and the many Ghanaian Celebrities.

Check below for photos of Amanda Acquah…


Amanda Acquah7

Amanda Acquah6

Amanda Acquah5

Amanda Acquah4

Amanda Acquah3

Amanda Acquah2

Amanda Acquah1

Amanda Acquah8


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26 thoughts on “PHOTOS: She Has Louis Vuitton Bags Too…Meet Amanda Acquah, Kenpong’s Ex-Wife Who Made that SHOCKING Audio”

  1. Mona fyne pass u koraa so deal with it n we can all see on ig dat she is living larger dan u dats why ur soo jealous of her,infact u r da one copying her.ur hubby sef no fyne see his big mouth like my old grandma toto,by da way he is a reserve player n doesnt earn 1 million euro as u say,so wake up from dat wannabe menaye donkor slewp.

      • Afriyie acquah is not a known player,when black stars r playing he is always in da fkung bench,dat makes him a reserved player n nit a top player in da team,as for wot he earns i say is a lie he doesnt earn up to a mill euros,mandy is a cheap bragat

  2. All I can say is, this is just a disgrace unto both parties. Why was your dirty linen in public? You disgrace yourself when you try to disgrace others publicly. The best revenge is to ignore and just live your life. After all, they don’t add value to your life nor deduct value from your life and neither are the words they use all gains you written on your forehead. We have to learn to put our heads up high as individuals and not stoop so low to the levels of others.

  3. I mean she’s also not bad looking, but the way she talked in that audio is disappointing; not judging either cs who knows what she’s bn through

  4. Both are used goods!! Nothing to write home about. I don’t understand why the uglier of the two will take to the radio and blast her replacement. It says a lot about herself and her worth. Ken Agyapong is a human toxic waste and anything his d*ck has touched is equally toxic. Like uranium 235/238 from fukushima plant in Japan. These women should be looking for a place to store themselves rather than making noise and wasting space. Now everyone knows they are radioactive because of Ken Agyapong’s glow in the dark d*ck. We now know how Kennedy Agyepong knew about the cocaine lady- Ruby. They both swam in the same septic tank of used goods and “has beens”.
    Finally what is disturbing was hearing a woman describe how big of a d*ck she’s been taking in nightly. That was sickening. I thought ladies were not suppose to make such things public. If she’s taking in mandingo size d*ck from her husband, then she’s got a vacuous wooha and may be that is why Ken Agyepong, with his tiny weeny couldn’t compete. She has a cathedral size p**y and Ken Agyepong had a toy organ which couldn’t be heard at the other end of the cathedral.

    • Can’t stop laughing at your comments. I think both women are a$$ bleached high class prostitutes on whom cheap money makers such as drug barrons will spend their ¢. twaaaaa!

    • The one who used to shag Amanda Acquah. STFU with your nonsense. I know what I am talking about. KenPong knows Nayele. The troll in the same circles. You are ignorant and shouldn’t comment on stuff you know nothing about.

  5. i heard she said those thigs because her son was taken to ghana by her ex with fake ghana passport and he is being raised by mona now. she took her son to her friend (best friend) when she had to travelledt. when she returned her friend told her exhusband has come to pick her son,found out that the kid was brought to ghana and her ex gave her bestfriend huge some of money.

  6. yeah she explained dat on her instgram page, though she didnt do well by insulting the other girl but i can understand why she did that.wooow so much wahala oowh

  7. Ah. This nkuraseni wants to compare herself to Mona. Mona is my friend on instagram and she doesnt care a hoot about this chicken legged b*tch. With her bleached body talking nonsense about private things a real lady would never talk publicly out. I can see money doesnt buy class. Mona will never respond to her. She is too busy enjoying her life. Honestly this girl should shut up n go and learn some etiquettes and use better creamfor her body. Twiakai apuuu.

  8. Afriyie Acquah and the wife are broke that is why she is frustrated. That is life and karma for you at it’s best. He has a son that he doesn’t take care of he is able to live and support this old lady and her lavish lifestyle. Now see the shame she has brought to you….nationwide shame. Non-erasable shame. You should take care of you son who is living in Amsterdam with the mother. The mother is working hard to take care of her own. Meanwhile you are with this lady who chose to give away her own seed! Afriyie shw3 Yiee ooo na life 3ye bako ppe.


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