VIDEO: Cut Itz Tiffany a SLACK | Watch How a Ghanaian Girl Reacted to Her Boyfriend Leaking Her S*KS Tape


We all remember how Ghanaian musician  dragged her bare butt on the floor—claiming to be cursing her then boyfriend who was gladly recording the incident.

A video uploaded by MudHutTV shows another Ghanaian girl doing what Itz Tiffany did but for a different purpose and in a slight different way—cursing her boyfriend for leaking their seks videos.

It’s rather unfortunate we have decided not to publish the leaked seks videos but at least, we have the girl’s reaction for you…

What do you think? Should we be worried?

Watch it below…



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7 thoughts on “VIDEO: Cut Itz Tiffany a SLACK | Watch How a Ghanaian Girl Reacted to Her Boyfriend Leaking Her S*KS Tape”

  1. She will be singing songs of praise and clapping for yesu on sunday in church. This is what puts the whole Ghanaian Christianity to shame. This also explains why Ghana despite the ‘churchy churchy’ is extremely corrupt. They are not the followers of Christ by any definition of the word. They practice voodoo with pictures of Yesu as windows dressing. Ignorant of what Jesus said, most of them believe they are Christians while worshiping river gods and spirits. One wonders what kind of mindset can carry two competing ideologies and keep it together. The truth is they cannot keep it together and therefore act like schizoids. Schizoids have multiple personalities and hear strange voices. Which is why Ghanaians can steal and claim it as blessing. It why they can justify the accrual of wealth by their pastors despite what the bible says about the rich and the kingdom of god. Finally it is why so many Ghanaians are having visions and hearing strange voices but rather than seek medical attention, start up churches.

    • I agree with all that you have said. Why claim to be something when you’re not going to follow the principles. I am a Christian, but a flawed one and I am trying to live according to the word of the Bible despite all of the atrocities and bad things happening around me.

      Sadly it is easier to fall for the worldly things and give into temptation but with will power and a prayer or some form of distraction, it’ll be okay.

    • That’s scary—worshipping idols. I grew up hearing stories from my parents and my father showed me a picture of Kwaku Bonsam and that really scared me. I can’t image how people can worship things that are not real! It is probably because I still have a bit of my childlike mentality but I will never do such thing.

  2. Leaking s*x tapes has become rampant in almost every where around the world, and it defile mostly the women involved, my advice is: Bed room actions belong to the bed room, never allow camera in there, either it’s a boyfriend, fiance, baby papa, or husband, etc. If he can’t do it without camera tell him to go and hug transformer!
    Ladies be wise. You Don’t know how the 5min. Enjoyment with Camera will land you tomorrow .


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