KKD Rape Accuser Not Interested in the Rape Case & Blames Public Bashing of Her as the Reason | An Indication that Something is Deeply WRONG With Our Societies

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 Miss Ewuraffe Orleans Thompson  right and KKD
KKD and Miss Ewuraffe Orleans Thompson-right

In almost all the advanced countries in the world, a staggering 90-95% of rape cases are not reported per countless studies—-due to how victims are treated by society once they come out and Ghana is even worse.

It’s therefore not shocking that the young 19 year old girl- Miss Ewuraffe Orleans Thompson who reported Ghanaian radio personality-Kwesi Kyei Darkwah (KKD) for allegedly raping her has expressed her dis-interest in the case, citing the way she has and continues to be treated by society as the reason.

Society has made her life hell since she told the police about what KKD is alleged to have done to her. According to Miss Ewuraffe Orleans Thompson, since the incident, she cannot even step out of her house without people throwing all manner of insults at her or pointing fingers her way…

According to reports, a two page letter dated January 12 from Miss Ewuraffe Orleans Thompson which she addressed to the Director of Public Prosecutions at the Attorney-General’s Department and copied into it the Chief Justice, the Registrar of the High Court and others, stated the public and media attacks on her person as her reasons for not being interested.

She called these attacks on her person insensitive—adding that, since her report, her life has become torture clothed in harsh gossip and insults by people.

She is reported to have stated in the letter that, she is currently receiving counselling from her church, certain elders and she wants to put this behind her to move on with her life—as she hopes God will heal her.

When Miss Ewuraffe Orleans Thompson alleged that KKD had raped her, about 10 different people came out claiming to have in the past also been sexually assaulted or raped by KKD—but they all cited their fear of societal backlash as the reason why they couldn’t even tell anyone let alone the police about these sexual assaults. 

And it seems Miss Ewuraffe Orleans Thompson has faced the same societal posture which gives flourishing water to sexual assaults—and shuts victims down from reporting these assaults or seeking redress.

It doesn’t seem like the rape reporting statistics will change anytime soon because society wouldn’t allow those who feel violated to even seek redress without calling them names and attacking them from all angles…

When it comes to s*xual crimes, women who are mostly victims are made to be the offenders by society and the earlier we do something about this, the better.

Even if Miss Ewuraffe Orleans Thompson drops the charges and the prosecution discontinues it; would anyone leave their 16 year daughter in the same room with KKD again…? I doubt it!

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  1. It’s a sad day for all the real victims out there….didn’t she know the church existed before going to the police?…this gyai ma Nyame attitude of ours is the reason we are still where we are if not worse off….so if you knew you weren’t going to go through with the case why begin it in the first place and toy with our emotions…you mean to tell me you didn’t know how judgemental and unfair the ghanaian society is to women?….how will the next rape victim be taken any serious now?…

    1. I think that your comment is unnecessarily harsh…it’s your opinion but this is mine. Who are you to say what she can and can’t handle!? It’s her choice and decision. Your comment it the exact reason she has had enough. No support just criticism. This man has been allegedly raping and molesting girls and she was the only one who had the courage to speak out. What if she has had threats to her life or the life of her family and you sit there saying didn’t she know?! African so darn insensitive. I really rate this women for what she has done and holding out for this long. Even if he isn’t going to jail she had done enough many smart women will stay WELL away this time he will forever be a shameful figure in his society that will be punishment enough. He has been named, shamed and outed. She has done the best she can . Yours is to sit down and be a spectator in someone’s life its such BS!!

      1. There are always two sides to a story…I stated the negative impact of her withdrawal and you the positive…and yes the fact still remains we both have valid points. …but we cannot sit here and look at this issue only from one angle…yes now rapists will be “afraid” because they might get reported…yes her actions inspired others to speak up….and yes her retraction of the case indirectly vindicates kkd. Majority of the people I spoke to about this case both men and women who by the way are not just from Ghana doubted the integrity of her case and a video of them “romancing” each other in the hotel’s hallway and entering his room….”someone she just met”….makes her case “bogus” to them. Now she has proved them right because her dignity or whatever she says she’s protecting by withdrawing the case has already been tarnished….and the only way to have redeemed it would have been to go through with the court case…but now her doing otherwise simply tells us that she never really had a case to begin with. And yes the next time someone cries rape he or she most likely wouldn’t be taken seriously which is pretty sad.

  2. But what do we expect.after exposure of her name and pictures? Remember is a man’s world so the victim always suffers. Even in advanced countries it happens. Parents need to teach their kids all the tricks.

  3. They’ve probably told her to think twice as she’s young and she’s been exposed….no man will probably end up marrying her… Ghana o Ghana…. Men dominates as always

  4. Lets not forget to take into account the Ghanaian society’s way of life. A 19 year old is still considered a child. In serious matters like these i can just imagine the family meetings which will take place to make the decision. Not matter how much the girl might have felt in pursuing this matter to the ends of the world, her family’s decision will definately override that.

  5. If I were KKD I will insist on going to trial so I can clear my name. This girl shouldn’t be allowed to cry wolf, destroy someone reputation and then go on her merry way. KKD should insist on going to trial. When he’s cleared he should sue the bejesus out of her and her boyfriend. Make example out of them so that the future accusers will know what it means to falsely accuse someone.

    1. Your comments on this rape issue has been constantly annoying. I speak as someone who KKD sexually violated as a 14 year old. I know other people who he actually did rape so no the chances are he actually did commit the crime. A year ago I commented on this very same blog he needs to leave little girls alone, and in 2015 little did I know he will be behind bars for rape. It’s people like you who can’t take off the Stan glasses that make it difficult for women to come and prosecute their offenders. KKD while a great broadcaster is morally corrupt beyond belief so the sooner you rethink your delusion the better. the victim never destroyed KKD’s reputation. KKD and his insatiable thirst for underage girls destroyed his own reputation.

      1. Annoying? Well it may be to you but a man’s life is on the line. You said KKD raped you at 14? Did you report it? Where is the evidence? Contrary to what you think I don’t like KKD. He’s a show off and I find his whole act pathetic. But I hate false accusations more. I live on a continent where many black men were torched or hanged by false accusations. Even recently a man spent 29 years in jail for a rape he didn’t do. So pardon me if I am not sold on the ‘the man is a rapist’ bandwagon. If there is a rape there should be evidence and proof. The absence of such thing reduces the whole thing to he said she said. I am also aware of such a thing as buyers remorse. Where a buyer consents to purchase on to return the goods later. This applies to sex too. a midnight shag can turn to a rape come morning. The founder of wikileaks was accused of rape and is still facing charges in Sweden although anyone with a brain who reads the story knows there wasn’t rape. I don’t know KKD’s morality and don’t know he has a thing for underage girls but I also believe just crying rape is enough to say there was rape. Now some of you may rain insults on me for stating this, but I have seen enough. Even police officers were accused of sexual assault by motorists. Their onboard camera was their saving grace. So once again sorry if I don’t just believe a rape charge just because someone screams it. Bill Cosby’s accusers, Dickinson and Johnson, have been found to have lied. Watch them

    2. Your comments on this case has been very insensitive right from the beginning. I think you should reconsider how you blindly support KKD. He is not an Angel!!

      1. Bro, I don’t support KKD. I just hate injustice. If someone accused you of rape without proof, I will be there to defend you the same way.

        1. I ve followed all ur comments n this is wat I ve for u. So u think u hate injustice more than the accused? If indeed he did nothing wrong y is he not suing the gal for defamation. You re a big fool Wa ti. Useless thing . I wish u were close to me like I will give u a dirty slap

          1. Anyone can be Al Pacino hiding behind his keyboard. If you are so tough I prefer you provide an address so we can meet and sort thing out. Dirty slap is not all that you might get from me. Try broken teeth. I assure you. Now back to your question, since you are a regular makola Einstein, I am sure you know the girl is not worth anything? I am sure she’s dependant on her parents for even tampons. So in some quarters it will be considered a wasted effort. Now if I were KKD I will sue her just on principle. Not for money. I make sure she learns a very important lessons about false accusation. But I also understand KKD’s predicament. He’s the one in jail and the sooner he sorts it out the better it is for him to get out and go home. He wants to settle the case. But don’t take that to mean he’s admitting guilt. I am sure he’s also playing ‘the leave it to god ‘ card. But if I was his adviser, I will litigate this till the girl, the boyfriend and her family are flat broke and destitute. False accusers, particularly those in Ghana, need to be taught a lesson that there are consequences in life.

    3. Manassehatsu. You are the most useless being on earth for writing this up. Is my prayer that, your daughter be raped at her teen.

      1. You are the most worthless piece of c**t on this earth. If my daughter follows a stranger to a bathroom and then claim rape. I will ask for evidence and proof that it was done against her will. Was she tied, choked, held at gun point or a knife point, did she scream for help etc etc. If she did none of that or that wasn’t the situation then she’s on her own.

      2. Ama, you are a worthless piece of c*nt. A rape charge can only be determined by facts not emotional nonsense. Anybody can scream rape. But the evidence is the only way to determine that. While we are on the subject, did you not rape that little boy, about 10 years ago? See how it works? Now is your turn to prove that you didn’t rape him. Let’s see how you fare with this accusation

  6. Manassehatsu or whatever u call urself, pls take a back sit and “STAND DOWN” with ur known it all attitude and the unnecessary garbage of an essay displaying ur ignorance and primitive life on this site..PLS STAND DOWN WAI.TOO KNOWN NOTHING..MTCHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW.NONSENESE.

    1. Sorry but I don’t know it all. In fact I don’t know who you are. I am just stating my point. But hey I understand. You are a typical Ghanaian who is threatened by the slighted knowledge such what a compass is. Or what a parallelogram(careful don’t try to pronounce this as you may break your tongue) is. A typical Ghanaian who thinks anyone who can point to facts is too known. Primitive and ignorant? I beg to differ. Perhaps you should look at yourself and your surroundings. That will give you a better understanding of those two word. What’s mtcheeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwww? Is that nonsense?

      1. Empty Barrels always making the most empty noise.Pls pack urself somewhere wai.We have seen ur Too Known types on this site before but where are they today? Papa make we think wai.Ignorant fool.How I wish and pray ur daughter will be treated same way that pervert “Awingaa” treated someone’s daughter. Look Hey I no get time for ur foolish ignorant ass wai.Kwasia kwa.Awingaaa k)b)k)b) in Buxom Banku and Ayittey Powers voice.U will meet ur meeters someday wai.Mtcheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew again.NONSENSILITY.KWASIABILITY.

    1. Women in my family will not buy anything KKD is selling. Which makes your whole point moot! If I am an aponkye then what does that make you? The one trying to talk to an aponkye? It makes you certifiably NUTS!! Which is the truth in your case. A crazy a$$ b**ch!! Now sod off!!

  7. Hi so i just feel like asking this question. Do you think it is right for the state to pursue this case even if the Ewuraffe has formally expressed her disinterest?