KKD Says He Has Sinned & Have Asked God for Forgiveness—OYIWA!

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Few hours after it emerged that the 19 year old-Miss Ewuraffe Orleans Thompson has somehow dropped the rape charges against Ghanaian broadcast journalist-Kwesi Kyei Darkwah in light of speculations that the girl has been paid off—KKD has issued a statement saying, he has sinned and has asked God for forgiveness.

KKD has publicly apologised for the “ridicule and disgrace” his actions brought—and asked the media “to spare Ewureffe and our respective families any further agonies.”.

Is it this not strange that KKD is now apologising and asking the media leave the case alone?

According to a GhanaCelebrities.Com reader, he is totally aware of a delegation of pastors and Ghanaian rich men including someone from his own family who went out on many times to Miss Ewuraffe Orleans Thompson’s family on KKD’s behalf to settle things—and in line with speculations, this person also claims, some sort of money was paid to Ewureffe.

Anyway, is KKD’s apology enough? Maybe we deserve to be told the REAL truth by KKD and his people as to what happened…

Below is the full KKD statement…

I, Kwasi Kyei Darkwah wish to make this public announcement that I truly and sincerely apologise for the public ridicule and disgrace that has ensued by reason of the fleeting pleasure of the flesh involving Ewureffe Orleans Thompson and myself.

I acknowledge I have sinned and have prayed to my God for forgiveness for all that trauma I have caused the young woman.

I plead with all in the media to spare Ewureffe and our respective families any further agonies.

Kindly pray for us.


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  1. If he’s sorry and has truly repented of his actions, who are we to judge? Let’s be gracious so that we can in turn keep enjoying grace.

  2. hmm, thought he said ppl shldnt dance on his grave yet; y apologizing now. Btw hope he’s really changed tho, cs these industry ppl can’t be trusted anymore.