I Thought the KKD Defenders Said He Has Done Nothing Wrong-Legally, Morally or Religiously | So Why is He Now APOLOGISING?


The level with which some Ghanaians defend those who have intentionally broken the law, hurt others and have taken away the dignity of others is beyond shocking—and Kwesi Kyei Darkwah’s case brought this to light…

Trust that whatever someone does in this world, he or she will have supporters, mostly credulous supporters who fail to reason or those who cannot for a minute allow their association with the actor to not muddy the water of judgement/reason. Even during Hitler’s massacre of the Jews, he was supported by some people who hailed him and incessantly said he was not doing anything bad.

KKD statement
KKD statement

After reading KKD’s personal apology to Miss Ewuraffe Orleans Thompson, I asked myself; so where are those who defended this man for his actions—and sworn that he did not do anything wrong, be it legally, morally or religiously?

Of course, we are not stupid and the speculation of there having been some sort of settlement or pay off from KKD and his people to Miss Ewuraffe Orleans Thompson’s family seems the most plausible answer to the sudden U-turn.

Cunningly and perhaps in accordance with his hard fought for terms of the settlement, KKD has been short with his words—only accepting that he wronged the girl, apologising and also saying, he has sinned against God with his actions.

It would have been interesting if he went into details as to the nature of the wrong he has done—legal wrong, moral wrong, religious wrong or all the three, so that those credulous defenders will think twice the next time such a case falls on their laps.

If you stood up to defend KKD in the face of the wrong that was done to Miss Ewuraffe Orleans Thompson that night at the African Regent Hotel, be bold and have the guts to also apologies to her—just as the man you were defending has shamelessly done.

If he did nothing wrong, shouldn’t the girl be the one apologising to him for everything that has happened?


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