Kwaw Kese Says Freedom is Very Expensive | Did He Just Realize That?

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kwaw Kese
kwaw Kese

After spending some time in police cells and prison for smoking weed, Ghanaian musician-Kwaw Kese who is currently on bail has advised that freedom is very expensive and that people should use it wisely.

Speaking to Bola Ray on Starr FM today, Kwaw said; “Freedom is expensive…use freedom wisely because it’s very expensive…it’s the most expensive thing…being locked up there is not easy.”

The man insane added that, there was TV in the cell and as such when the inmates heard he was coming, it was jubilation for them.

“They knew I was coming so it was jubilation. They were all amazed, you know it was all over radio that I was coming and they have radios and TVs in there, so they knew Kwaw Kese was coming to the cell.Some of them were like: ‘If they had not been in prison, they would never have seen me”.

It’s great to know Kwaw now appreciates his freedom—and we hope that means, he will stay within the law, including not smoking weed.


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