What A Man Can Do, A Woman Can Definitely Not Do a Quarter of It | We Are in A Man’s World…

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“What a man can do a woman also do.” For some time now women have armed themselves with this slogan, aimed at affecting a radical revolution in a bid to empower them to gain significant recognition in the society and in every facet of their lives.

Somewhat, you wouldn’t be indignant about their overzealous pursuit. The following facts about violence and oppression women are subjected to consolidate their stance.

Gender Discrimination: In Asia, most parents prefer boys to girls. A 2011 report estimates that in some of the world, nearly 134 million girls are missing from the population as a result of abortion, infanticide and neglect.

Education: Worldwide, women and girls make up two thirds of those who had less than four years of schooling.

Sexual harassment: Over 2.6 billion women live in countries where marital rape is not considered a crime.

Health: In developing countries, a woman dies from pregnancy as result of basic medical care.

Property rights. Although women cultivate more than half the world’s crops, in many countries they do not have the legal right to own certain properties or inherit land.

The above statistics represent a gloomy picture for women. In primitive minds, women are deemed s*x objects, washing and cleaning agents whose place should only be in the kitchen.

This has exponentially spurred their action and they simply want a reversal of their predicament. Women pressure groups are trumpeting this notion with the belief that there would be a rectification as regard the uneven and inconsistent approach to implementation of gender equality issues that has resulted in missed opportunities and in under-resourcing of many efforts to enhance gender equality, women’s rights and women’s empowerment within mainstream institutional structures.

And this is where my beef is. Women who are advocating for equality are grossly exaggerating and seem to be oblivious of a palpable truth that there is a vast difference between men and women. Hence it is absolutely false that what a woman can do a woman can do and even do it better.

Underneath their clarion call is a sense of insecurity borne out of the fact that men are biologically and psychologically superior to them. And this is the juncture that I want to unequivocally point out to them that their crusade will crumble and head towards a gloomy end.

Practically all great thinkers, artist and political leaders have been men. Alexander the great, Julius Caesar, Aristotle etc have written history and left indelible legacies upon which we have shaped our destinies today. Men created computers, cars, airplanes, submarines and virtually all the wonderful things that make life comfortable. Men build imposing skyscrapers which provide the convenience for women in working from the ambience of a very tall building.

Conventionally it is men who do the dirty or dangerous work. They build roads, pour concretes, lay bricks, tar roofs, hang electric wires, excavate natural gas and sewage lines, cut and clear trees, and bulldoze the landscape for housing developments.

This invariably suggests that men are physically stronger than women. Science proves that a man’s body is much adapted to rough physical work. A man has stronger muscles than a woman. Without mincing words at all I can give a sound beating to female military officer in a combat devoid of any usage of weapons. Women by nature have been carefully and specifically designed to bear our children.

They are the preserver of life and a more complex expression of human nature. In a nutshell it is via women that the continuance and survival of humanity is achieved. Evidently women are not the same as men so within what realm do they think they are equal to men in all aspect?

Equality in education has been on radar for sometime; a requisite tool to close the gap between the perceived inequalities between both genders. But women right from the onset has always played second fiddle ascribed by nature, myth and the society.

A recent survey indicates that one of every 100 physicists, one of every 300 engineers, one of 500 chemists is a woman. Women themselves have conditioned their brains that there are certain fieldd that should be exclusively for men, aptly made possible by the tradition and some strange myth set by the society which is predominantly inhabited by women. Can you spot the irony?

The 21st century has seen an eruption of ‘new women’ who are very ambitious and have equipped themselves with the requisite formulae for asserting power and authority in the work place. They have misrepresented the goal for providing better education for women.

These new bunch of women want to suppress men and ultimately relegate them to the background because it has always been the objective of feminism to attack social practices that has led to wide-ranging discrimination against women. While it is not unjust for women to roll out mechanism in pursuit of their own advancement, it will be starkly unpalatable to do so with chronic theories that translate to indictment and grudging rancour against men.

It is possible to achieve that without stereotyping, belittling or demonizing men which happens to be their perceptible propaganda lately. Thus it is a complete illusion for women to think that due to education, they are at par or better than men.

I don’t subscribe to the theory that women should be regarded as the weaker sex and always subjected to inhuman treatment by men. By placing men and women on equal level, that is providing a level playing field for both genders, men will always and forever reign supreme. This is the fundamental principle that should shape every woman’s perspective.

One fact worth noting is that one’s gender has little influence on who one actually is as an individual. According to my research, that difference is the result of hormonal variations acting on the brain and enforced cultural differences to reinforce those variations. Many women have achieved incredible results and doing exceedingly well in whatever capacity they find themselves. However extreme misogynist will even argue with me that everything that women find comfort in was invented by men including the sophisticated machines that liberate them during child birth (a cluster of ideologue women pride themselves with over men)

Women who have found a productive role in this fast advancing world epitomize male’s ingenuity. If men become obsolete, then women will soon be extinct. Like I said earlier on whatever role women play right now is as a result of myth, society and culture routines initiated by nature and nurtured by women themselves. Surely, several women have been empowered and I think while they project sexual allure and glamour, they will also be discerning enough to give currency to my article and give credit where credit is due!


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