WhatsApp Is The New ‘Apor’ | 56 Nursing Trainees Sanctioned For Using Application To Cheat During Exams


I remember the frantic rush for ‘apor’ whenever examinations came around during school times. People were willing to do whatever they could to get their hands on some, so long as they perceived it to be ‘apor kronkron’.

Of course, it did not always work out; and those were the periods you see people coming out of examination halls with long faces, having placed all their hopes on the ‘apor’ which then swerved them faster than a car with an obstacle in its way.

Of course with the world having advanced in so many ways, it was only a matter of time before the search for ‘apor’ caught up with the times. And the method adopted by the candidates for the Nursing and Midwifery licensing exam is a really novel one.

The students smuggled their phones into the examination hall through their panties, sent the exam results out to an external collaborator, who then solved them and sent it back through a group previously created for that exact purpose.

56 out of the 89 students who took the paper were eventually found to have been in on the scam, reports GraphicOnline.

It would have been the perfect crime, except the phone of one of the students slipped from her panties on the way out, crumbling the whole enterprise like a pack of dominoes.

The incident took place in the Brong Ahafo Region, at the Holy Family Nursing and Midwifery Training College in Berekum.

All 56 students saw their results being cancelled, banned from writing the licensing for two consecutive terms, whilst the college itself has seen its status as a registration centre revoked.

The level of collusion it must have taken to pull this off, it’s astounding to think about. And to think they would have gotten away with it all; if only one lady hadn’t decided to wear g-string that day. Lol



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