Drinking Spot Operator Fined for Disturbing Public Peace | What Happens to the Countless Noisy Churches?

Ghana Church
Ghana Church

“Touch not my anointed; and do no evil to my prophet.” Perhaps anointed here can also refer to churches since those anointed are found in the house of God.

Churches have always had their way when it comes to putting fear in people, considering the house of God to be extremely holy to be criticised, even when they are wrong. Day in day out, churches in Ghana continue to make extreme and unnecessary noise, disturbing the peace of others who live close by. When such cases are reported to authorities, action is not taken against them making them go scot-free.

Today’s issue of the Mirror reports on a teenager who has found himself in trouble for playing loud music; thereby been fined by the police for disturbing his neighbours.

According to the newspaper, the Amasaman District Court has fined a 19 year old student for making excessive noise by playing loud music at night, which goes a long way to disturb his neighbours. The culprit, Samuel Asare, who is a bar operator was charged GH₵ 350 by the court for using his drinking spot as a medium for disturbing public peace. As if that isn’t enough, Samuel stands the risk of being imprisoned for four months if he fails to pay the fine.

The case was taken to court by two neighbours (Afua Konadu and Asare) of the culprit; all residents of Omanjor in the Greater Accra Region.

According to the complainants, Samuel had been playing music very loudly every night at his drinking spot, making the surrounding residents unable to sleep. Before reporting the matter to the Ga South Municipal Assembly, Afua said she had warned Samuel on many occasions to desist from the act. However, the culprit turned a deaf ear to her complaints.

Samuel Asare who was bent on playing music at his drinking bar loud (in an effort to attract several customers we suppose) continued the nuisance even after the assembly had summoned and warned him to lower the volume of the music he plays and also close the drinking spot by 9pm.

What irritated the neighbours was the fact that on the night of October 2, 2014, the culprit increased the volume of his sound system to the extent that those in the neighbourhood could not stand the situation any longer.

It was then that, Afua ran to the police station, reported the case, and Samuel was arrested. The police thereafter charged him with the offence of disturbing public peace.

Now that we know the police can fine people for disturbing the peace of others (making excessive noise), it’s time for them to go after the noisy churches too—I live next to one.


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  1. You call praising God noise? Are you comparing the songs played at the drink spot to the ones played in churches? God have mercy on your soul.

    1. So the mere fact that someone is praising God should give him/her the audacity to disturb others? Gibberish. Your religion teaches you that singing and shouting is an act of praising God so you humbly do that; not being considerate of the rights and peace of others thinking that because it’s God, others should keep mute and suffer. If we are to go by that, then it means if ones relion teaches him/her that God is praised when he kills people, people shouldn’t complain but leave him/her to do that huh? After all, that fellow is also praising God (his religious belief) I guess it’s about time people like you use your intellects to reason rationally and stop being dogmatic

      1. I believe intelligent people only defend their opinion. if you insult others then you are the bigger fool. I never abused anyone with any of those words you are using. Stay wise don,t be dogmatic (your own words)

  2. If Ghana wasn’t lawless, most churches will be suspended and their leaders arrested. But the selective application of the law by the corrupt and filthy police is the reason law enforcement doesn’t work. Even the Christ condemns this show off nature of these churches as he condemned the Pharisees. But because most of the church goers haven’t read the bible they act stupid. How about do unto others stuff that Jesus spoke about. These church goers ignore that one too when the blast their insidious music high and loud and disturb the neighbours. The only conclusion one can draw from that is their god is deaf and blind. Which buttresses the fact that nothing good has come out of their incessant screaming and shouting. Their god is deaf and blind. The only one profiting is their fake prophets and so called apostles. God cannot be worship by loud speakers and the gibberish talk they spout. The fetish priests have more credibility than these churches. I visited a friends parents in Dansoman last month and I was appalled by the noise the apostolic church across the street was making. Honestly I was tempted to report them but was told nothing will stop them. Not even the EPA.
    The irony is that the same people that reported this young business man have no problem with their church making all that noise. The ‘churchy churchy’ industry in Ghana should be controlled. They should first be zoned out of residential areas. All of them can move to the industrial areas. Where they can make their noises to their hearts desire. If that is not done, then banning loud music (a certain decibels) is the way to go. And it should apply to everyone. No exceptions. The special task force should be set up to arrest the leaders and imprison them when the violate the noise law. Ghana is too noisy so it is no wonder very few people are doing any thinking in that country. Noise pollution has rendered most them zombies with a sheepish grin perpetually painted on their faces. Meaning the lights are on but nobody is home.