New Contributors & Columnists Wanted…Be Read & Be Heard

Writers Wanted

With over 1.2 million pageviews a month, GhanaCelebrities.Com is just not the blog to read—but also, the blog to contribute to and be heard if you are good with putting words together…

Some say we are controversial, others say we are brutal—but we think we are honest and we just don’t care about what people really think, we say what we feel and our conscience can’t be BOUGHT.

We may not stand for a lot of things but we surely do stand for ‘untainted integrity’. With our words, we cut through all the bull and fail to coat the bitter with sugar—we say it as it is. Honesty has become scare these days so we are holding onto last portion of the concoction.

As the founding Editor, I tell all my writers, contributors and columnists exactly what Kepler said to Galileo; “I very much prefer the sharpest criticism of a single wise man to the thoughtless approval of the masses”.

If you stand for the truth or you have what it takes to write for a great audience from all around the world always looking for something interest to read, we are taking on board contributors and columnist for 2015…

GhanaCelebrities.Com has grown to become the biggest and leading Ghanaian Entertainment, Lifestyle and Celebrity online media platform—and we are still growing.

Even with over 12 Staff writers and several contributors producing quality all round articles, we still think we need more hands from those interested in being heard—and interested in joining our team of dedicated writers/bloggers.

For 2015, we looking for CONTRIBUTORS & COLUMNISTS to join our team as we look to bring more diverse, thought provoking and on target unique publications to our valued readers.

If you have what it takes to produce quality and well placed articles, why don’t you become a contributor and be heard?

Join our team as a contributor by emailing; [email protected] , telling us about yourself, why you should be selected and if possible a ‘sample’ article written by you…

You can write under your name or safely adopt a ‘pen’ name.  Our growth means we cover a wide range of areas; Celebrity & Entertainment, Lifestyle, Religion, Politricks, Fashion & Beauty, Food & Restaurant, Travel and General News or Opinions—and therefore, whatever you love to write about fits the call…



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