The Ghanaian Misconception: ‘Those Living Abroad Are Living in Heaven’…You Are Mad!



When I sit down to ponder over certain things going on in Ghana, I then resort to the saying “experience is the best teacher”. Basically what I want to say is, until you actually get a feel of something, you never know how it is.

Ever since I was a kid and till now, some Ghanaians have this illusion and misconception that whenever a relative, friend or just anybody travels abroad especially when it is to the United States, the person is “IN HEAVEN”.

You might ask why I am saying this, well ever since I got to the United States, every time I start to chat with my friends in Ghana, about 90 percent of them would utter the words “you are chilling ooh boy” just because I told them I am in the United States.

It is true that the US is a place of opportunities but also a place to drain you, especially when you are not a citizen. What I want my beloved Ghanaians to know is that, we do not pluck money off trees wherever we go, we have to work for it, and most of the times, you work more for less.

Sometimes, I do not blame anyone but those Ghanaians living here. My reason is that, we do not tell our folks back home the truth—how the system actually is here. We tend to stunt (show off) to them and lie about the jobs we do here. Yes, I do stunt too, but I do it with my hard earned money from doing some rough restaurant jobs and I tell whoever tell me I’m chilling that. One time I had to take a picture of a pile of dishes to a friend, and he asked me what that was, and I told him I wash dishes, that’s what I do, and that rendered him speechless.

I just find it hilarious when some Ghanaians here tell their folks back home they are working in the hospitals and do not specify what role they play. And so they think like “wow my mum must be making a lot of money”, meanwhile, they are actually scrubbing the floors or just doing some cleanings for a small amount which might not be even enough for him/her after paying all of those large bills.

America is the place you can drive a 2015 BMW when you have not even paid for it because you get it on loan, and so when our people see us in these big cars, their eyes widen and expect more from us.

I would go on and on if I have to elaborate on this very topic, maybe I would continue in my next article with some additional information.

What has your experience with this been?

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