End of Black Stars’ Patriotism? | Ghanaians Are Happy that Black Stars Lost to Senegal

Asamoah Gyan
Asamoah Gyan

When it comes to football, Ghanaians are like Brazilians—they do not just like to watch their national team play, they are passionate about Black Stars and have always been.

But it seems that long devotion, passion and love for Ghana’s national team by Ghanaians have come to an end—and this was evident when Ghana lost to Senegal yesterday at the 2015 African Cup of Nations.

I watched the football match at a popular hangout with several Ghanaians and shockingly, many were hoping for Senegal to win—and eventually when it happened, the excitement on the faces of these people got me saying; the Black Stars have screwed up.

For many years, the Black Stars have continuously disappointed Ghanaians at major tournaments but even that, we still had their back anytime they wore the national jersey—but what happened in Brazil seems to have ended the long bitter connection between the Stars and the citizens.

It looks like, Ghanaians are not just worried about the Black Stars not winning matches when it really matters but they are worried about how these footballers and the Ghana Football Association took Ghanaians for granted—and I am talking about the money scandal at the world cup.

Things are hard in Ghana to the extent that, affording 3 square meals has become impossible for many and yet, the country continues to throw huge amount of cash into the pockets of the national team players, the management and their foreign coaches—without getting anything in return.

For this reason, a lot of Ghanaians seem to be praying for the Black Stars to be kicked out of the on-going Africa Cup of Nations tournament and I am definitely one of these people—because the only way our money would be guaranteed is when the Black Stars are kicked out.

It’s time we use our national resource to secure those important things—and not be buying toys for the boys or throwing the hard to come by cash into the pockets of these footballers who do not even appreciate the cash or the support.

Ghanaians are definitely not interested in the Black Stars any longer—and to be frank, that is the best position every right thinking Ghanaian must take. After all, they never deliver—anyway.


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