New Music: ‘Ginger’ By Eazzy Feat. S.K Original | Yemi Alade’s Hit Song-Johnny Riff Off…

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Eazzy has released her latest single-Ginger, which is more of a rip-off of Nigeria’s Yemi Alade’s hit song-Johnny.

It’s not a problem when a musician takes inspiration from another—but to jump unto the melody of another because it’s trending is quite pathetic.

If music is about creativity, then our Ghanaian artistes seem to be lacking in that department. We are always playing second to the creative minds else where setting trends.

Listen to the two songs below (take not of the melody)…





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  1. This is a very shoddy and pathetic attempt. The songwriting is not only mediocre but for an artiste who has being in the industry for a while you would expect she would at least have invested a bit of time and effort in the entire process instead of just bringing out this immature, incoherent and rip-off version of a better song. Not only did she fail in her attempt to change a few chords, melody and rhythm the general lyrics of the song reeks of desperation.

  2. I didn’t see any similarities with Ginger vrs Johnny when I first listened to it but now I think yeah, it sounds like a “Johnny Rip off” I still love Eazzy tho & all her new singles, she’s trying her best.

  3. if anybody has read about the culture industry by adorno and horkheimer, none of us will be surprised of all the songs we listen to these days….its all on mass production…everything is being reproduced…not the first time somebody has done this…. ah ba…artist do this all the time…lol even in the western world….