THE BIG QUESTION: Who Regulates Teacher-Student Romantic Relationships in Ghana?

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When I was in JSS and SSS in Ghana, I knew more than three people (students) who were in romantic relationships with teachers—and though it was not really out there for everyone to know, it was not really a secret too.

I did not think anything of these relationships between my classmates and teachers—and I didn’t even think it was wrong for a teacher to be dating a student until I travelled to USA.

Out here, it is against standard rules in many institutions for teachers to be sleeping with students/pupils—let alone, hold long lasting romantic relationships.

I have heard of several teachers who have been banned from teaching forever for having affair with their students/pupils—and it is not that these students were under age or anything, it is plainly not allowed no matter the age.

I have been told that even in Universities in America and almost all the European countries, a lecturer cannot hold a romantic relationship with a student—unless the lecturer wants to loose his or her job.

But my days at University of Ghana was full of such relationships between students and teachers—and I remember how two students got into a big fight some time back over a lecturer who was even married with kids.

Surely, there are thousand reasons why a lecturer or teacher in a position of authority should not engage in any sexual relationship with a student but this seems to be allowed in Ghana—or no one really cares about its ‘illegality’.

My questions are; have you seen or heard of teacher-student romantic relationships in Ghana? Who regulates such relationships if it is not allowed in our institutions? And do you think we should allow such relationships to flourish in our educational institutions?