Accra’s Police Commander Says They Need Spiritual Backing to Succeed | Which Is A Good Idea- God Knows The Police Themselves Aren’t Doing Anything

Ghana Police
Ghana Police

We often descend hard on a lot of things here at GhanaCelebrities.Com, maybe sometimes a little too hard; but seriously I don’t think that can even apply when we’re talking about the general cluelessness of the Ghana Police Service.

This is the institution supposed to protect and serve the people of this country from society’s more unscrupulous elements. Instead, like most other institutions, they just delight in exploiting the ordinary Ghanaian in any way possible.

It wasn’t for no reason that they were adjudged the most corrupt institution in the country. Added to that, there is a just a general apathy from them to solving crimes; you’d be surprised the number of cases thrown out because of the lack of sufficient evidence to prosecute.

A friend told me they should be known as the ‘tip-off’ Police Service; because 9 out of ten times you hear the police crack a big case, they reveal they were acting on a tip-off.

Against this backdrop, you can imagine the consternation I felt when I read what the Accra Regional Police Commander was saying on CitiFm, I remember listening to the original interview, but I wasn’t paying much attention until I read the report later on Citifmonline.

DCOP Christian Tetteh Yohuno told the station they needed spiritual protection to help them do their job. Their physical efforts are puny indeed, without the added help from the realm beyond they cannot hope to succeed.

“We work in the physical realm and we also need spiritual protection as we do our work”

Our work is such that we give protection to people, so he who gives protection also needs protection”

Which stands to reason, I guess. You wouldn’t believe the charms and amulets robbers go for these days, in the hopes of getting unheard of powers to aid their criminal enterprises. Thus it’s only fair God also gives the police some protection so they can face these spiritually enhanced robbers on the battlefield. Maybe they should keep a pastor like Obinim or Kumchacha on retainer.

Or alternatively, they could train harder so you wouldn’t have a police officer accidentally firing his weapon and killing himself; which is a true story that happened just last week. Or they could eschew their corrupt ways, enforcing rules on the roads rather than letting everything slide for Ghc 1.

If they are getting any spiritual help, they might as well ask for help in solving the myriad of crimes they are riddled with and are not any closer to solving.


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2 thoughts on “Accra’s Police Commander Says They Need Spiritual Backing to Succeed | Which Is A Good Idea- God Knows The Police Themselves Aren’t Doing Anything”

  1. What they need is discipline and self restraint. Both of which they don’t have. Leave it to a Ghanaian to invoke the supernatural for something even animals have in abundance. The belief in the supernatural has remove self control and discipline and to an extent the brain from the Ghanaian. Cant shit? Call God. Can piss? Call God. Getting flies in your house because you dump refuse behind your wall? Call God.
    Rather than select less despicable and corrupt personnel for the police outfit to begin with, they invoke god after the fact and believe he can fix their problem. A pathetic state of affairs.


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