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VIDEO: I Can’t Get Ebola Because I Have the Holy Spirit in Me Says A Nigerian Woman


We understand it is your choice to be religious or not but some people are putting not only their lives but the lives of the people around them in danger due to their faith.

The kind of things people will do from eating grass and bathing in dirty water all in the name of religion is baffling but what some of these people as seen in the video below say can make the hardest Christian cringe.

Well we blame people like TB Joshua who is willing to perpetrate nonsense like sending 2000 anointed water to Ebola hit countries.

Anyway check out the video below and let us know what you think…




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8 thoughts on “VIDEO: I Can’t Get Ebola Because I Have the Holy Spirit in Me Says A Nigerian Woman”

  1. Well that’s a stupid assumption to make just because you may be Christian or Muslim or practice other religions doesn’t mean you won’t be affected by terminal or horrible illness. That’s like saying because I have the Holy Ghost in me I can never be poor. But it’s good to have a high level of faith but be realistic.

    • i think you read your bible like a novel. how can one have the Holy Spirit in her and be poor? it is impossible. the Holy Spirit is our helper counselor , teacher . He teaches the word which is himself. the bible teaches us not to be lazy for instance so if you are led by the Spirit of God in no way can you be lazy and be stupid cos your way are righteous and perfect before God and man. if you are true Christian and poor then there must be something wrong. maybe a curse or family evil covenant or yoke which must be broken. the Bible in many ways talk about how we should be hard working or not sleeping too much or sitting idle for poverty to be pursing our life. It says study the way of the ants u lazy man. sorry you need spiritual understanding. and oh yes the woman is 100PERCENT RIGHT. I mean if not consciously getting into contact with ebola patient and be a TRUE Christian you can never contract it. worldly wisdom is stupidity before GOD.

      • Wow spoken like a true ignorant Christian, making assumptions on things you do not know. First of all, we all fall short of God’s glory so you have no right to be speaking like you are perfect. Fro reading what you wrote, you sound proud, illogical and you clearly read your Bible upside down. It clearly states that God gives money to some people not ALL but some. Do you know how many Christians have had the Holy Ghost in them or devout pastors that are truly men of God but have died from illness, become poor, have given up their riches, and so on. Not every Christian who is poor is cursed it’s just how it is. Please don’t be making strange assumptions. You are not perfect because right now you are judging and saying things which you don’t need to be saying because you obviously do not know everything.

        • your level of consciousness is very low. i need not argue with. you think poverty is about money. and what do think has made man short of the glory of God? sin of course. smh you know nothing about the spiritual understanding of the bible.. madam not all pastors are righteous ok. moreover i’m bold not arrogant. from the way you write you are a religious person not a christian . don’t get it twisted.bye bye when you get spiritual revelation and knowledge do well to remember me. read deutronomy 28 and you will know about curses for disobedience of God’s word. i should even ask u of your understanding of a curse..don’t bother replying i’m done with you

          • Not only are you ignorant and delusional but you’re also uneducated because you can’t analyse information and make a logical argument, but that’s okay because you’re going to pretend that you are a Christian but you’re really not. You speak the same way as a worldly person. You have no Christ like behaviour and make assumptions on people and things you do not know about. You need to stop replying to my comments, am the original commenter not you. Yep I’ll always remember what a big stupid fool you are. Have a nice day b*tch.

  2. I dont blame the writer of this piece cos he/she hasn’t reach that level of consciousness . they are right. it is the right of a true christain not to suffer such things. i don’t know why u continue writing things to mock God and christians. why why why. be careful with that. if you don’t believe in God that is enough but stop writing stupid things like this . you look stupid by doing so. you can’t change anyone. there are a million and 1 things those who don’t believe do around the world do. can’t you write those. what a man sows he shall reap. think over what you are doing. think about your children’s children. the only mess i see is what you wrote

  3. Being a Christian or Religious solely depends on ones understandn cuz everyone has hi/her own way of believing n understandn but God helps each in His own way


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