THE BIG DEBATE: Do You Agree Music is Superior/Master Over All Forms Of Creative Arts – Are The Rest – Writing, Acting, Modeling, Painting, Etc. SERVANTS to Music?

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I had a highly intellectual discussion with a Ghanaian musician some few days ago and in the course of our conversation, he said “musicians should be highly respected because of all the creative art forms that God created, music is the king! All forms of art revolve around music. Most are largely motivated and complemented by music one way or the other.”

Considering his assertion as a clearly biased one – because he is a musician, I protested by attempting to defend my turf as a WRITER but this musician whisked off words from my mouth and continued with a long lecture: “Music is undoubtedly the hub around which all forms of creative art, I mean, movie makers, writers, fabric designers, models, painters, theatrical performers, sports men, poets, craftsmen, broadcasting, etc. revolves.”

“Let me explain well – Film makers use music for scoring of movies or as theme songs for their movies. Scriptwriters can get inspiration and storylines from music for writing scripts for movies or theatrical performances. Music composers write lyrics for musicians and not themselves or for writing sake.

“In theatrical performances such as Operas, drama is set on music which consists of singing with orchestral accompaniment. Fashion Designers and Models use music for modelling during rehearsals and at events. Painters can listen to music, make visuals out of the lyrics, and do paintings or drawings with them. Painters also take inspirations from music and sometimes listen to music as a source of entertainment whiles they paint – same applies to artisans, potters, etc.

“Some lovers play music – erotic music, sexual music or call it ‘adult music’ if you like, to whelm their sexual concupiscence and makes whoopee with prurient energy – hello!! (Laughed). It is believed some men actually thrust into their partners’ birth canal with the rhythm or beat of the songs they play during sex. Music completes the se*ual-therapy of couples.

“Poems are considered as special forms of music. Poems can be used as musical lyrics. Indeed, Poets can either sing or rap with the poems they compose. It is believed that Poets have deep lyrics that make good music and are thus considered special music composers or musicians.

“Both television and radio media make massive use of music for the airwaves. Without music, the airwaves will be in a quiescent state. Right from the day a radio station starts broadcasting live, music is used for test transmission before programs starts airing – and even after the test transmission it is music that sustains the airwaves and programs.

Without music in broadcasting, it’s either broadcasters will talk all day with program line-ups or play commercials all day, but, penetrative as music is, even the commercials that are played on television and radio mediums are either produced with music or played over music. Broadcasting can never be effective and efficient without music. Music is actually the breadth of the broadcasting industry the world over.

DOMESTICALLY and SOCIALLY, music plays an integral part of every society. Mothers use music – lullaby to pat their babies to sleep, music are played at events such as: funerals, churches, naming ceremonies, birthday parties, clubs, pubs, durbars, carnivals, etc. Without music, human beings cannot co-exist in any society in harmony.

RELIGIOUSLY, all authoritative scriptures reveal that in the Kingdom of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, angels sing gloriously to the delight of God from morning till evening, I mean every day. God is believed to be playing a flute all the time – that is music.

Even the character called Satan is revealed in the Bible as an Archangel with a very soothing and appealing voice who led the heavenly angels in praises to the Lord when he lived in the Lord’s abode. A society without music can be described as a dead society or a cemetery. Music complements society physically and spiritually. Music is the master of all forms of creative arts.”

PHILOSOPHICALLY, he added, “music is used in many philosophical quotes more than any of the art forms: music is food for the soul, music is a universal language, music is love, snakes are lovers of music – music is this music is that.”

Monitoring television screens across the WORLD, most of the reality shows are music oriented. In Ghana, all the non-music reality shows that started almost a decade ago are all dead but the music ones are still alive. So I asked myself: Why do non-music reality shows die off in no time?

Is it sponsors who prefer investing in music reality shows to the other forms of art? Is it the public who inform the organizers they prefer music reality shows more to the other forms of art? Or organizing music reality shows is easier, compared to the other forms of art?

At this time, I was almost convinced but I pinched myself in my mind not to lose the debate. I promised the musician I shall do a story with our conversation – so today, I throw it to this platform so we all join the debate: Do you agree music is master or superior to all forms of creative arts? Are the rest: Writing, acting, modelling, painting, etc. servants to music? If you don’t agree – share your points and if you do – give reasons. Until then….MOTWUM!!


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  1. Music as an art is indeed very diverse and turns to serve as the convergent point for the other rays of art but I will choose painting followed by writing anytime.
    painting takes imagination which in most cases can not be describe orally. every painting has a story behind it even the ones which look like the drawings of a 2yr old.
    writing to me is the fundamental of most arts talk of music itself, acting which begins with script writing etc
    music thrives on writing (lyrics) and acting so the element of writing of writing been apart of music makes writing superior over music. there can be writing without music but there can NEVER be music without writing.
    I chose painting over writing its my personal favourite

  2. I agree with him. …music speaks to the soul…it doesn’t really matter whether or not you understand what’s being said in the song. ..all that matters is that you can relate to it…music is a feeling. ..sad happy lazy sexy calm whatever your mood may be there’s a song out there for that specific moment.