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THE BIG QUESTION: Which Is More Important In A Contemporary Relationship- MONEY OR LOVE?

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Thanks to film producers and fictional story writers, we have repetitively been bombarded with the notion that love always triumph in the battle between love and money vis-a vis relationship and marriage.

The visual plotline is just like this-a pretty but poor damsel will outrageously reject a mouth-watering offer from a potential rich suitor in favour of a pauper, who is quite handsome in most cases. In the end they will defy all odds and be together, and in the language of these creative writers, the pair “live happily ever after” aptly made possible by the pulsating love they share for each other.

This propaganda has had a gripping effect on many for years now and rather sadly people have not jolted from the fluid imaginary ingenuity of these writers to a practical world where there is staggering contrast between the two worlds.

Love is one word that is difficult to define and it goes beyond the realm of rationalism. Some say is an emotional pleasure we gain from the virtue we perceive in others. In my own words it is such a stunning feeling that embodies the most pleasurable abstract entity on earth.

People are living in a denial that the 21st century world is a ‘kpa kpa kpa movement’. In a world that has evolved and human beings tend to adapt to meet the requirements of abrasive challenges every single day presents, it has become essential to view this age long falsifiable mantra that love is better than money.

We don’t live in fairy world. We live in a world where people fall in love only when money is thriving. Come to think of it people do not fall in love easily lately. In fact the word-love seems to be gradually fading into inconspicuous obscurity and it only takes a conscientious effort to realize this. The very few ones who genuinely fall in love cannot sustain their relationship because of empty pockets.

“Cash Rules” is the famous slogan of youngsters and they cannot be faulted. Women flock and become literally addicted to guys who are “foolishly loaded.” Should a monkey be decorated with designer clothes, wrapped in bling bling and has a luxurious car like Bugarti, a lady will dump you for the monkey.

Money can certainly buy love directly and indirectly. Several broke men will go to any length to acquire money, some of which include sleeping with women who are far older than them to lubricate the rusted hinges of their relationship or marriages. Others will not even bother to be in a relationship at all (only do so when he wants his sexual gratification be met and instantly abandons the “ship” and look elsewhere when money raises its ‘ugly head’) in a bid to avoid the many responsibilities associated with money.

Unfortunately what most people call love is just a mutual benefit scheme. We all have our needs ranging from physical to financial needs. The most convenient avenue to have these fulfilled is to tell someone you love him. Then the framework within which this ambition will be nurtured is established, driven by self interest.

Statistics on divorce based on financial problems is overwhelming. Relationships are getting more complicated because of lack of money. In our current dispensation when social media is buzzing, which woman will not grumble if she is not on the bandwagon? Lots of guys are wrecking people’s homes by flaunting their wealth to entice women (and they actually succeed) who are supposedly madly in love with their partners.

There is a well known American saying, “it is better to cry in a BMW than on a cycle”. This simply means it far better to be contentedly unhappy than being painfully unhappy. Some time back a girl whom I desired so much and wanted to establish a long term relationship with told me without mincing words at all that she wouldn’t be with a broke guy like me so I shouldn’t even dream of a union between us.

And to rub salt in my wounds she retorted angrily it wasn’t my handsomeness that will put food on her table. I was completely taken aback. Well eventually someone felt head over heels with me but we broke up because she was dissatisfied, not because of ‘Tonga’ but ‘aboa sika nti’I could not fulfil her bloated expectations and other requisites.

The Romeo and Juliet stories are not out there anymore. I strongly believe love is no longer an essential and irreplaceable formula in a relationship. ‘I love you’ is more of a mantra that is restricted within the mind of people who seek something from their ‘prospective client.’

However if your opinions differ from mine, why don’t you share it with us in the comment section below?


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2 thoughts on “THE BIG QUESTION: Which Is More Important In A Contemporary Relationship- MONEY OR LOVE?”

  1. Women who tend to go for guys with money are probably not doing anything beneficial with their own lives. A woman who is well established and knows what she wants probably does not need a man’s money because she has it herself so his is a bonus. For me I wouldn’t look for money because I’d probably have it myself when am established and afford to buy what I want. I feel sorry for women with the gold digging money attitude.

  2. It depends. Men will splurge on women and don’t look at how much money they have when it comes to dating them . A rich woman however would not date a man who is not rich. Women date for money, security and fame they can get out of the relationship. Men spend their money on women to satisfy their ego. So men love truly and women ‘love’ for what they can get out of the relationship. Once the cash is gone so does the infatuation which they misconstrue as love.


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