Exclusive Africa Cup of Nations Trivial/the Other Side of the Game…

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The first phase of the ongoing AFCON tournament has come to a successful end and as expected, the traditional maxim “the boys have been separated from the boys” has once again been consolidated.

I am however completely appalled by the hypocritical attitude of Ghanaians. After a poor outing in the first game in which the Black Stars lost 2-1, Ghanaians maligned the team and the highly reputable coach. They foretold doom for the Black Stars.

However the competence of the coach and his tactical approach to subsequent matches has proved that his repertoire is of high standard. Then this same insane people have started hailing him, bestowing all the nicest accolades you can ever imagine on him.

Let me divert my attention to the reason for this article. After the epic group stage encounters, here are some interesting fact recorded so far that highlights the beauty of the game that you haven’t been conscious of.

Gervinho was the first player to be red carded after needless tantrums with a Malian player.

South Africa was the only team to use three different goalkeepers in three different matches. They all ended up picking a ball from their net.

The real group of death is group D; their group was only determined on final after they finished with three points apiece.

The teams that played beautiful free flowing football were Ghana and South Africa.

Bakary Sako (Mali) Max Grandel (Ivory Coast) Madla Masango (South Africa) and Asomoah Gyan (Ghana) have the most beautiful goal of the tournament so far.

The most watched game so far was the opening game between the host nation Equatorial Guinea and Burkina Faso.

The team with most handsome players is Equatorial Guinea followed closely by Gabon.

The team with most ugly players is Dr. Congo, formerly called Zaire. (no hard feelings dude, just doing my job).

Ghana is the only country that scored in dying minutes of the game and go on to win the match eventually.

South Africa was the first country to concede three goals, handed to them by Algeria.

Coach of Congo, Claude Le Roy is the most experienced African coach in the tournament.

Dede Ayew has scores goals with his head in AFCON tournaments than his feet,

South Africa is the only team to score first in every single match but does not win.

Ghana is the only team to wear the same colour jersey throughout all the games in group stages.

Ghana’s captain Asamoah Gyan and Andre Dede Ayew are the two most experienced players in the Black Stars team.

Hope you have enjoyed these funny but true facts about the AFCON. I will bring you more as the tournament progresses.