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FOR THE LADIES: Don’t Walk into Relationships Which Have RED FLAGS…



James Brown says ‘it’s a man’s world’ and Beyonce says ‘girls run the world’. These are two very prolific artistes in different generations but this choice of lyrics is clearly driven by the hormones burning within them.

I dare say neither men nor women run this world. However, women seem to have been given a certain amount of power maybe by divine approval to compensate for the uncomfortable periods in their life span. This natural engineering makes it such that no matter how egotistic a man is, he needs a woman but so do women also need men- vibrators don’t make babies and are not fathers no matter how many smiley faces you draw with a moustache on its surface.

Yes, men are becoming less responsible for various reasons; however who allows these men to be irresponsible? I am particularly disturbed by Bobbi Kristina’s case (Whitney Houston’s daughter). I was a huge fan of Whitney because that kind of talent passes by once in many light years. I became worried for Whitney the first time I heard she was in a serious relationship with Bobby Brown. I believe she signed her death warrant from that point and so her death albeit painful, did not come to me as a shock. On the contrary, I expected her exit much earlier.

Anyway that was just a prelude to what I intended to address. Women have got to start making wiser choices with life. If men are becoming irresponsible, it’s because women are becoming equally irresponsible. Women choose who they want to copulate with, not men.

When a man chooses, he is either called KKD or he is humping a harlot. The bone of contention for me is not about which man you choose to do whatever with, I actually don’t care because it is actually not my business. Well, I have been hurt before because a girl I stupidly fell for chose a jerk over me all in the name of first love bullshit and today they are no more! Anyway that is a story for another day, so maybe I might be biased but then again who isn’t?

This piece has to do with the consequences of the silly choices women make. In most cases the consequence is a child or two for that matter. We have a growing generation of street children in Ghana because every ‘kayayei’ girl leaves or stays in Accra with a kid or two with no father because most of them produce these children as a result of rape or because they need a place to lay their head. I am not justifying any of their actions but they are in a tighter spot than most contemporary, independent, educated women in Ghana today.

Like Akosua Abebrese once wrote, indeed women can cook in their pots as much as they want but they must make sure they are limiting the effects of it to themselves. I do not know why Bobbi Kristina is dying and particularly in the same style and pose her mother passed on but if two addicts give birth to a child, unless by a divine hand, that child is likely to have MAJOR issues even if he/she doesn’t do drugs. Make sure you aren’t making decisions today that will not burden generations unborn, if you do then you have no moral right to question your impotent political leaders because you are no different. If you have ever read a book about Genetics, you will make serious plans to alter your life, it’s scary as hell!

I’ll be very hypocritical to say no one makes or will make mistakes but for Christ’s prevent those mistakes of catastrophic proportions.

So you all independent women! Pull up the Victoria’s secret lingerie, be risqué with us men, be less prude, be feisty if you can, some of us love it but make sure you are making the right choices as well otherwise all these suggestions could equally make you a wh*re (ok for the classy ones, a high class escort). Make choices that will make your family want to celebrate your 80th birthday in future. Don’t walk into relationships which have red flags all over them and after it has given you a good sting on your derriere, come out crying about how bruised and battered you are because most people might act like they care but they really don’t give a shit! There is a difference between you and the ‘kayayei’ girl so let us see it.

Whitney should have been alive today so we would have been celebrating her like the Aretha Franklin’s, Tina Turners and so on but she’s probably balling or doing a lot of reminiscing six feet under.

Bobby Brown who in my opinion was influential in changing her life for the worse is done with rehab and is a recovering addict enjoying his sobriety with a new family. Awww what a happy ending for Bobby. Bobbi Kristina but for a miracle will join her mum soon- she is the victim in all of this, so you should say a prayer for her and many like her. CHOICES, people, CHOICES.


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