Ghana’s Postal Thievery & Port Scams | When Will It End?

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Ghana Post
Ghana Post

As a developing country, I think Ghana should be able to do away or at least cut down on certain bad acts. Ghana is still deep in corruption.

I’ve spoken to a couple of people about sending items to Ghana through the mail system and the responses I get are all negative or 99 percent negative. I do not know if anyone can relate to when he sent something through mail to their family, girlfriend, boyfriend, or anybody at all and the items were delivered wrongly, either the mails were slightly opened or completely changed, changed as in the box or enveloped was changed completely because they could not put it back together.

I had similar experience when I was in Ghana. I would get something sent over to me from my daddy and the envelope seems slightly opened. I believe those people in charge of the delivery would be thinking, “let me check if I can get a dollar or something valuable, he thinks we are fools”. I am just hoping someone has received something faulty or heard family back home saying similar thing and can relate to this.

Because of this, many people either want to send those items themselves to Ghana or give it to a friend or relative going there to deliver it, for the fear of losing their items or only some of them getting there.

There are instances when your items get to the port and they charge you such a high amount that if it was a car that you were going to clear from the port, the money charged could be used to almost purchase a new one. And when this happens, a lot of people leave their cars there because they do not have enough money for that, and those cars become the properties of those service men and they sell them for money or show off with them.

I have heard of complaints and do not know if those are actually true, but a couple of people say when their items get to the Tema harbor and it is not well covered, those in charge tend to take some of their goods and claim they got missing which scares them and that is cheating right there by your nose.

I am just hoping, the authorities see to it those concerns are taken care of, because that is one of the reasons why some Ghanaians do not want to invest in their own country for the fear of getting their items taken away from them.

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  1. this is so true & it’s really bad, I remember some of my report cards used to be slightly opened by the time it gets to my house bk in Ghana