The Way Equatorial Guinea Behaved | Are Africans For REAL?

AFCON disturbances
AFCON disturbances

Football is just a game and FIFA has so many rules headed by their fair play policy—but what we say today in the stadium at Equatorial Guinea defeats everything sensible human beings stand for and to be frank, these things make you feel so ashamed being an African.

Must the host country always win by all means? To be fair, the players of Equatorial Guinea stayed level-headed and well composed but the supporters who sort of present the general population really ditched every bit of human decency—once again, earning Africa a bad press.

Fans’ disturbances happen all the time in football but for it to happen at a major tournament like the African Cup of Nations hosted by Africans and being played amongst Africans is an indictment on our level of civilisation and tolerance as Africans.

Maybe, we are just pathetic race of people—and we cannot tell ourselves this.

Anyway, what do you think about what happened today? Are we sure Kwame Nkrumah really said the black is capable of managing his own affairs?

I said AFRICANS; because I am well aware of collective responsibility and the consequence…

AFCON disturbances
AFCON disturbances


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6 thoughts on “The Way Equatorial Guinea Behaved | Are Africans For REAL?”

  1. Not justifying this but if you want to see crazy football go to some of the countries in Eastern Europe….they are even worst….this is football and supporters behave crazily like their brains are being compresses….it’s quite stupid of Equatorial Guinea fans to have behaved that way….not good at all for tourism….not good for the entire continent africa….oh I mean country africa….loooool….Too bad you feel ashamed being an african but Pls we shouldn’t be cos of such incidence….but I understand perfectly well that with a lot of negativity in Africa, we wouldn’t want any more nkwasiasem….but trust me other races are crazy….and I’ve experienced it during football game…lol the winning team fans were those throwing things on the field…but no they did not attack the players so this is uncalled for…it makes the world wonder if Equitirial Guinea is even safe….but well done E. Guinea you just made the country more popular….tweaaaa

    • Thank you. GC writers are very ignorant. Its obvious they have something against Africa. Heck, Vincent wishes Africa was still ruled by the West.

  2. Please stop this. This has nothing to do with Africa. I live in Europe and you will find it everywhere in South America in Europe there are Hooligans and it is even worst than what happend yesterday so I disagree with you. I watch a lot of Football even when my Child Plays you have to come and see some of the behaviours of some parents. So leave this matter saying it is Africa not Africa you will find it at the NBAs and American Football as well. Police has to escort Referees and Players. Some Players are being monitored by the fans and so on. If you say this behaviour has nothing to do with Sport I agree with you but don’t say this is an Africa problem. Europe we have racist fans throw banana on Players.

    • Amen to dat brother GC is getting worse by the day going over board. Do you know how many ppl died in London in the 90s because some soccer fans went crazy London of all places I rest my case


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