Bobby Brown Does Not Want PULL Off Bobbi Kristina’s Life Support | He Believes God Can PULL A Miracle

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Bobby Brown and Kristina
Bobby Brown and Kristina

We can understand how Bobby Brown must be feeling now—especially being in charge of the decision to keep his daughter-Bobbi Kristina’s life support on or get it pulled off.

Yesterday, it emerged that doctors have given up on hope for Bobbi Kristina—and they’ve advised the family to consider removing the life support; to end it all for Bobbi.

But Bobby Brown who has to make that decision is still holding on, this time he has moved from mere hope to a miracle from God.

According to celebrity blog-TMZ; Bobby Brown is adamant … he doesn’t want to take his daughter Bobbi Kristina off life support because he believes in God-driven miracles.Bobby’s feelings are not shared by doctors, who have advised him she will not improve and pulling life support is an appropriate action. But Brown and his family — who are deeply religious — believe doctors cannot account for miracles … miracles the family has seen before.”

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