Let me Cut through the Thick Nonsense | So A Woman Cheats & Her Husband Dies Shortly After Marriage—Meaning She Killed Him?

Diana Owusu and husband
Diana Owusu and husband

People have been talking a lot on social media and this particular development has really upset me to the core—and you know when I say I am upset, I mean business…

I cannot go deep into the story but I have heard enough of it on social media to warrant a response—and to expose the nonsense in the arguments some people are making…

Two Ghanaians got married not long ago after dating for a considerable number of years—prior and after the marriage, the woman is reported to have had side men and apparently, her husband (now dead) even recorded some of her private conversations with these boyfriends.

According to social media talkers, this woman was pregnant and because the pregnancy was not for her newly wedded husband—she poison his wakyee and killed him.

This is where it gets interesting yet stupid; apparently, the spirit of the dead husband ‘entered’ someone who started talking—stating that the wife killed him and all manner of crap (they have audio of the plenty talking).

For many, this woman is a Jezebel who killed her husband shortly after they got married because she was cheating. The only out of order coin against this woman is the fact that she was cheating—and many have taken this to mean, she had enough reason to kill the man.

I didn’t know cheating has become the new motivation to kill—because the last time I checked, all the cheating men are still on our streets, preying on every woman they meet and no one has accused them of having killed their wives even if they die suddenly.

For Christ sake, people die all the time and yet when it comes to Ghana, it is either some has intentionally poisoned another or the witches have killed someone in the spirit world which later manifests in our physical world. Why can’t we accept that people live and die all the time—and stop tormenting this ‘innocent’ woman on social media with all those accusations that she killed her husband?

The woman being a cheat or being pregnant for another man as being claimed is not enough motivation to conclude that she actually killed her husband or had the intention to do so.  Indeed if the woman was pregnant for another man, how was the husband even going to know that the baby was not his—since the other man was definitely a Ghanaian too (not some white man). And there is no way Ghanaian men randomly ask their wives for a DNA any time a baby pops up…

I am not saying the woman could not have killed the husband. Everyone is capable of killing everyone but to say for a fact and subject another to such emotional torture must come out of some good reasons, well placed in logic and evidence—and not just saying; because she was cheating on him or bought him the wakyee that they all ate;  she killed him.

It’s 21st century and yet we continue to treat women with such contempt—subjecting widows to medieval inhumane treatments on the wings of false accusations.

If you are interested in what some of those who claim to be in the known are saying on social media; read the below messageDiana Owusu

Anyway, what do you think? Check below for a video from the couple’s wedding….(Video may take some few seconds to load)



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