Beating That Homosexual-Kinto to DEATH is God’s Commandment | According to the Bible…

Kinto beaten
Kinto beaten

Earlier today, GhanaCelebrities.Com reported on how a young man by name-Kinto was beaten to near death in Legon, Accra—all because he was suspected to be Gay or in fact, he attempted to ‘woo’ a certain young man called Saleem.

In the article I pointed out how much of a savage generation we have become as people—and even though this is true, I would like to point it out that, the Bible in fact asks that Homosexuals be put to death.

Of course this is another reason why I careless about the Bible and find those who follow it or take every word of it as holy a little mentally ruined. Which right thinking person would accept a book with such hostile, inhumane and degrading commandments as Holy and as coming from an all loving/merciful God?

For those who may not have been told about this by their pastors; LEVITICUS 20:13 says  “If a man practices homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman, both men have committed a detestable act. They must both be put to death, for they are guilty of a capital offense.”

So those who were lynching the above young man were merely fulfilling God’s commandments, they can argue—and so, who are we to condemn their actions…right?


You must be really thick to accept that the above though found in the Bible comes from some sort of god—unless you agree with me that this god is extensively capricious.

It’s time religious people begin to question their Holy Book—and more importantly, begin to decide which of those commandments said to be from their God makes no sense; and openly condemn these passages.

Now can any Christian or Bible scholar tell us what should be done to Gays?

Out of faith we hold religion in high esteem but that does not mean we should suspend our thinking faculty—especially when it comes to certain obvious evil religious requests…

Gays are not the only group of people religion wants to have put to death—children and women equally suffer in the hands of religion and in the hands of the many religious zealots who are incapable of subjecting their doctrines to any sort of proper evaluation.

To me, “religion is violent, irrational, makes absurd claims which it hates to be challenged, allied to racism, tribalism, bigotry, glorifies ignorance and invests heavily in the oppression of women and continues to terrorize children—and I am sure I have not mentioned its hostility to free inquiry”.

Kinto right
Kinto right

And when you point it out to some people; they quickly throw at you—you will go to Hell.

Surely I do not want to go to a heaven where Gays and Lesbians are not welcomed, a heaven where people cannot freely think and evaluate situations or ask those difficult questions—except to become sycophants of dogmatism and fanaticism. And I do not want to be singing praises to a God all my life—a God that hates Gays and Lesbians for no apparent reason.

My own mother who is extensively religious, perhaps the contemporary version of the marginalised Mary Magdalene got into a big fight with me recently because someone showed her an article I wrote—and my crime was; I advocated for Gay rights in that article. I made my stand clear, that, “if being your son means that I have to condemn and hate Gays—then I would rather be motherless; you decide!”[sociallocker]

Wherever you position religion, God and Holy Books in your life; remember that, the strongest tool you have as a human being is REASON—use it all the time and if possible, question the status quo because that is the only way you can cut through a lot of the already planted nonsense…

Must a man be killed as the Bible says simple because he is a homosexual? Your answer better be NO—and if it is NO, you are definitely going to HELL too because you are disrespecting God’s commandment…


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