Have You Considered the FACT That God May Have Changed His Mind About Homosexuals Since Sodom and Gomorrah?

God love Gays
God love Gays

The last 24 hours or so have been full of discussions on the position of religious people (both Muslims and Christians) when it comes to the evil act of homosexuality—an act which became so appalling in the eyes of God those days that He sent down fire to burn Sodom and Gomorrah into ashes.

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri (Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com) has written a lot on this subject; both from his legal perspective and robust anti-religion stand—mostly, basing his arguments on law, morality and reason/humanism.

As a Christian, I have decided to look at this topic from a religious point of view—and I would ask and answer some of the difficult questions surrounding this sinful act which we ought not to tolerate but has somewhat gained a status which require that we do not only have to tolerate but to accept it.

First of all, let me establish that there is no hierarchy of sins in the eyes of God—every sin carries equal weight and punishment from what I know. Unless someone can point me to any part of the Bible or Quran which categories sins, I believe this position is uncontested and ought to be the plausible God view.

There are countless things religion and it’s Holy books classify as sins—things our God hates and deem as sins, well known to us and yet we daily engage in these things. I am guilty of this and I guess that is why the Bible says “for all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God”.

I have a boyfriend whom I have sex with at least twice a month (fornication)—that is a sin. I like to gossip a lot and I read a lot of gossip blogs including GhanaCelebrities.Com, in fact I even work for one of these gossip blogs—this is also a sin. Sometimes, when my favourite food is made, I over eat it-gluttony—which is a sin.

In the estimation of some people and according to their understanding, I eat certain meat and fish which is forbidden—and that too is a sin. I am an occasional liar—and that too is a sin. Sometimes, I am jealous and disrespectful, these two are sins…

List of Sins
List of Sins

So I am one big sinner and as a Christian, I do consider homosexuality as a sin—irrespective of what atheists and agnostics like Chris-Vincent have to say. And irrespective of what the laws of whatever land says, I cannot accept homosexuality as not being a sin as far as my religious views are relevant BUT…

In fact, the God we worship detests all sins including homosexuality and just as he punished various people for committing various sins those days—He punished the people of  Sodom and Gomorrah for the gayism.

Though the Bible does not mention, it would be reasonable to assume that not everyone in Sodom and Gomorrah was a  homosexual but God burnt them all when He sent a fire and brimstone to consume the two cities. Neighboring city-Zoar (Bela) was the only city that was spared.

As the various Abrahamic religions teach, Sodom and Gomorrah’s impenitent sin led to their fall though God’s divine retribution. God had the power then to do so and today, I believe this same God can do so if he so desire—that is if we claim to be serving and worshipping this same God.

Kinto-alleged homosexual recently beateni n Ghana
Kinto-alleged homosexual recently beaten in Ghana

But God has not sent down fire or curse on any land that people are practising homosexuality on today—and since He has not done so yet, it’s either He is patiently watching or He will just punish these sinners including people like me who commit other sins on judgement day.

God has not in anyway requested, instructed or asked any of us to go about killing, beating, condemning or judging any sinner—be it a homosexual or a liar. Yet, majority of religious people openly condemn homosexuals even though they claim they will never physically abuse one. What is really the difference between emotionally abusing someone and physically doing so? The harm can be equal or sometimes, the former can even be worse.

In a conversation with Chris-Vincent on this subject today, he wittily said, perhaps God is not sending down fire to burn homosexuals today because He has changed his mind about them—and if He has indeed change His mind, how would we know? Of course we will not know and even though I don’t necessary think God has changed his mind—what I picked from his statement is;  what is our business with sins as religious people?[sociallocker]

God punishes sinners and he is the only one to do so. So why don’t we leave him to deal with those who disobey Him or commit sins? God is limitlessly powerful and He can do whatever He wants. The fact that he has not punished a certain sinner—be it a homosexual or not means that, He does not want to punish the person.  Therefore, it is completely non-religious and ungodly for any person (especially a Christian or Muslim) to take it upon himself or herself to become the unofficial sin ‘punisher or condemner’.

Many religious people have turn themselves into demi-gods—going about to assault (verbal and physical) people for what we deem sinful. God did not make any human being a custodian of sins and therefore, by simply assuming such a role makes you a sinner too. You are taking more than you were granted.

As religious people, the greatest of all the commandments which can be found in the Torah, the Bible and the Quran is; love your neighbour as yourself—and this includes a neighbour who is gay, a liar or a saint.

If we want people to respect our God, our religion and our belief system, we must adhere to the basic commandments and rules of engagement. We must respect our own God and allow Him to act when He wants.

Everybody deserves to be loved including homosexuals—and the next time you see a homosexual or come across one; just consider these there possibilities; it’s either God does not care about him, God is not ready to punish him or God has changed His mind about homosexuals.

Whatever the situation is; it’s God’s business and none of yours…[/sociallocker]


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