Gifty Anti, 45, Says She is Not in A Hurry to MARRY + MORE

Gifty Anti
Gifty Anti

Renowned Ghanaian TV personality-Gifty Anti, 45, has stated that even at her age she is not in a hurry to marry—despite having met the right man.

This may come as a shock to many Ghanaian women—considering the fact that, marriage continues to hold a high position as a source of a woman’s dignity in our society.

Gifty Anti is reported to have told Graphic Showbiz that, “I don’t hate men and I’m not against marriage. Besides, it is not the woman who decides but the man. The woman can only drop hints but the final decision depends on the man and what he wants. I think I will marry when my man is ready but if not, I don’t think I’m so desperate for it”.

She also talked about how family has been pressuring her to get married—forgetting that God’s time is the best.

Talking about comments that her success may have chased men away from getting married to her, she said; “That is what our society has turned women into. How can a lady’s success drive away the men who claim they appreciate her? Shouldn’t they rather take pride in their success?  But that is the society we live in. If you are not strong, you fall for it. In the past, I used to envy married couples but with years of experience, I’ve grown to admire them. I’ve come to realise that we all have a purpose in this life and it is for everyone to appreciate his/her usefulness on this earth. Everybody has the destiny. I know married women who have excelled as well. I don’t think a person’s contribution to society should be weighed by the marital status.”

On whether she had the moral right to talk about marriage related issues or give advice on the subject considering the fact that she has never married herself, she said; “Why would anyone assume that I don’t deserve to discuss marriage issues on my show because I’ve never been married and don’t have a child? We sit in Ghana and praise the works of Oprah Winfrey, we even appreciate the likes of Ellen Degeneres yet we think Gifty Anti doesn’t have the moral right to talk about important issues like marriage because she has no child or is not married.

I believe I’m on this earth to serve a purpose and even though I didn’t realise that in my life early, I’m happy I discovered it and I’m pursuing that for the good of the society. I don’t think I need to be married before impacting the society. When I die today and I  make it to heaven which is my wish, I don’t think God will judge me because I’m childless or not married. No, it will be about how I put into good use my talent and that is what I’m working at”.


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3 thoughts on “Gifty Anti, 45, Says She is Not in A Hurry to MARRY + MORE”

  1. I appreciate all that but My question is why does she almost , always talk about her marital status and her inability or refusal to give birth , I think she gives these issues life each & every time she talks about it…. Sounds and seems like an I unending grief on her part… In this day & age who’d marry a woman close to 50 with all the drama … We deserve a break , you don’t find the likes of Oprah always talking about their childlessness or “spouslessness” If It doesn’t bother you then madam kindly spare our ears !


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