EXCLUSIVE…MUST LISTEN to AUDIOS: Adom Fm’s Captain Smart, A Big Fraudster Promising Multiple Ghanaian Women Living Abroad Marriage, Sleeping With Them & Taking Their Cash…Aided By His Mother? | While Still Married…

Captain Smart
Captain Smart

Adom Fm’s presenter-Captain Smart (Blessed Nana Godsbrain Smart) is back in the news today and this time, it’s not for asking a question a Ghanaian Sports Minister deem ‘useless’—but for the shocking way he connives with his mother to defraud women of money, sex, affection and more, well disguised in a promise of marriage. And also, how he physically and emotionally abuse these women…

Embrace yourself for a long scandalous ride—made possible by several scorned Ghanaian women living abroad who seem to be saying; enough is enough.

GhanaCelebrities.Com has obtained several shocking audio conversations and have spoken to a certain Sweden based Ghanaian-Evelyn (Awurama) together with others who are saying, Captain Smart defrauded them of a lot after promising them marriage—and he did all these while already married to his Kumasi based wife-Betty with whom he has children (Photo of Betty below).

Narrating what Captain Smart did and caused her, Evelyn stated that; she started talking to the radio presenter late last year through the ‘connection’ of a friend called Christy. And her daily conversation with the radio presenter turned into a long distance relationship—following which he promised her marriage.

In fact, Captain Smart started speaking to Evelyn’s mother in Ghana and her mother started cooking for Smart on regularly basis. Dude was getting free food back home. She also started speaking to Smart’s mother as a soon to be in-law on daily basis and she assured her of a pending fruitful marriage—not knowing she was part of the scam, or let’s call it the fraudulent ‘family’ enterprise.


According to Evelyn, in December, 2014 Captain Smart asked her to come down to Ghana with her kids which she did—buying her own plane tickets and shopping heavily for Smart himself, his mother and his son. It was a whole 23 kg suitcase of shopping for Captain Smart and his mother which they gladly received. And thanked God for the shopping wonders too—I guess.

Evelyn continued that, together with her kids they were picked at the Kotoka International Airport by Captain Smart to where he lives at Achimota—and when they got there, her mother plus Smart’s mother were awaiting their arrival.  The two families have finally met—so she thought but it was going to turn out really bad…

While in Ghana, Evelyn says she decided to spend more time at her mother’s place in Dansoman with the kids because she saw that as the wise thing to do since Smart was not officially married to her—yet, so it was not extensively prudent to spend each day and night at in his bed and in his place.  This is turned out to be a big mistake.

Captain Smart's Wife-Betty
Captain Smart’s Kumasi based wife-Betty

Because, after she attended a carols night with Smart on 23rd December (they have had several bedroom encounters by then),  he stopped picking her calls for 2 days which led her to visit his house to find out what the ‘heck’ might be going on. That was when she met the shock of her life—another woman called Afia Pokuaa had flew in from Belgium per Captain Smart’s request and she was living with him; they were sharing the same bed she shared with Smart in the same house.

So she came all the way from Sweden and had brought a full bag of goodies ranging from shirts, watches, shoes, bags and ‘ expensive Holland prints’ for Smart and his mother—and another woman has also come, perhaps, bringing the same or more that same December.


As it would be expected, a big fight broke out when she got to the house—which woman wouldn’t fight the other woman or the man scheming things? Despite being brutally angry, she left the place after the fight and she claims, she never heard from Smart until January 14, when he called to ask if she could change her return ticket (the other woman had left Ghana on January 13)—a request she declined (listen to audio below). Smart then requested and convinced her to meet him for at least a talk…

During the meeting, sweet words went out flying,  with Captain Smart telling her the other woman (Afia Pokuaa) was a mistake and he has a baby with her so he was just trying to settle things out with her so that the two of them can be together.  Perhaps, her heart was once again melted and then they decide to spend some quiet time at a near by guest house since Smart’s sisters were in the house.

After few hours in the Guest House, she said she wanted to eat and therefore asked Smart that they go to her mother’s place for food. Smart replied by saying he was a little tired and wanted to sleep a bit so she can go to her Mum’s place and he would pick her up around 7pm. It was around 5pm at the time.


A happy woman who had had some jumped into a taxi and went home—waited till 9pm without any call from Smart who also refused to pick her calls. She then decided to check on him at the Guest House, only to find out that Smart was having sex with a different woman in the room she paid for.  Apparently, she paid for the Guest House because Smart said he had forgotten his wallet when they were on their way there—we guess he was still playing his name-Smart.[sociallocker]

This broke her heart and it was when she returned to Sweden with her kids two days later that all began to make sense to her; she had been defrauded by this man aided by her mother who goes about talking to multiple women abroad as soon to be wives—taking cash and other material things from them.

Several Ghanaian women including a certain Britney in France and another in Ireland have all been through the Smart hole—after having given him sex, money and more, GhanaCelebrities.Com has been made aware.

Smart and the mother is alleged to be doing all these to other women while Smart is married to Betty (something the mother is well aware of)—and interestingly, the mother is a woman’s leader at the Church of Pentecost. Maybe we should be worried about these old religious women looking for something to ‘chop’ before they die…

To cut a long story short; just listen to the various audios below and make the rest up for yourself!

Conversation between Captain Smart and Evelyn
Conversation between Captain Smart and Evelyn

Audio 1


Audio 2


Audio 3


Audio 4 and 5 (Coming Soon so keep refreshing this page)



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