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Eva-Hard Talk
Eva-Hard Talk

It’s 2015 but my recent experience points to the fact that, dating someone with a different colour still remains a shock for some Africans—and to some extent, most of us find it difficult to even consider doing so.

Of course this may not be the case for everyone but after catching up with what happened at a recent all black people party I attended out here in Canada when a white dude stepped in with his black girlfriend, you would understand why we’ve decided to talk about interracial dating on HARD TALK today.

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Watch the video below and tell us what you think….


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  1. Just chuck it to ignorance and move on. The most disappointing thing is seeing this reverse racism perpetrated by young black people. Young ones who should know better. Yes the system is slanted against minorities but you don’t fix it by crawling into your corner or ghetto. The only way to kill the perverse discrimination is to embrace everyone and create the world where the walls of silly beliefs are torn down. Like one comedian said. It is time for the young ones to fuck everybody. So you create a generation of mixed people. Who aren’t afraid of black, white, indian or Chinese. Because somewhere in their family tree they’ll have someone who is black, Asian, south American and white. As for our parents, they should be ignored. They will be dead and gone soon. The world is ours not theirs any more and we should paint it the way we want. What do they know anyway?
    As someone who dates out of my race, I avoid the African parties simply for this reason. To be lectured by some bankyeasi Ghanaian elder or for that matter any African, because my date is not black is the worse insult considering where he or she comes from. Gomoa Potsin is not New York/Singapore or Tokyo. Neither is Akyem Tafo or Teshie. But that wouldn’t stop Ghanaians from such backward villages to talk about my non black date. So to avoid this I stay away from them.

  2. I actually prefer dating someone from a different cultural background and race as me, its more interesting and I like learning new things from different people.

  3. Nice one,I think in recent years it’s becoming more acceptable in our societies.Most of my friends including myself we date out of our race not because of anything it’s just the new environment we find ourselves.I remember my grand mum telling me some years back that when I was ready to Marty I should inform her so that she can find one for me.really are you kidding?I have family members travel all the way to Ghana to find their partners.It isn’t a a bad idea but considering there are other people around you and they also humans,who you know better considering the number of years you’ve been with them,who says we don’t nurture love.If you open up and stop playing the whole race card or traditional attitude,you will find out how wonderful other races could be.I can personally attest to that fact,instead of allowing yourself to be duped or taking for granted by some of our fellas back home.shine your eyes.Like Manasseh said lets paint the world the way we want it to be.shine your eyes