Mahama Ayariga Must Have Taken Some Of His Brother’s Ayarikof Mixture: He Says Outsiders See Ghana As A Paradise And That The People Should Stand Up To Media Tyranny Which is Creating An Atmosphere Of Hopelessness

Mahama Ayariga
Mahama Ayariga

From all my little reading and observation of this world, I have come to the conclusion that there are three forms of evil; there’s evil in the service of good, there’s evil in the service of what one genuinely believes to be good (think brainwashed terrorists), then evil plainly perpetuated in the service of evil.

This analogy, I find, can be applied to the functionaries in this current government. There are those who are trying to genuinely move this country forward, have the expertise, but circumstances ally against them; there are those who are also trying to move the country forward, but are just incapable of doing so because they do not have the expertise; and then there are those who are not trying to move this country anywhere at all, and are incompetent to boot!

Mahama Ayariga certainly falls into this final category, his behaviour and airs displayed since the end of the African Cup proving once and for all this is a guy who has no clue what he’s doing, and resorts to baseless attacks and now baseless pronouncements to stay on the offensive against a people who would certainly expose him if he has to answer any of their ‘useless’ questions.

You see, when he went on the offensive against the media for performing the most basic of its function- demanding accountability from the government: I barely batted an eyelid. When you have no answer, you lash out, and that is exactly what he did. His responses only showed someone in a corner who has run out of options, and it just proved he has more to hide than if had just given a calm, reasoned answer.

The media however, are big boys, and can take care of themselves; but Ayariga’s latest outburst whilst also attacking the media, touches on the intelligence of every single Ghanaian. It is at this point that one cannot hold their tongue any longer, but must speak out against an argument so flawed, so fallacious; it really calls into question Havard’s reputation if this man was supposed to have trained there! (A little hyperbole never killed anyone)

According to Mahama Ayariga, per this Starrfmonline report, the media are creating a spirit of despondency, of hopelessness amongst the people. According to him, even outsiders consider Ghana a paradise, and we should fight ‘media tyranny’, which is making people’s life seem bleak.

“Every morning [radio stations] killing the spirit of the people, killing the confidence of the people, creating an atmosphere of despondency, creating an atmosphere of hopelessness, yet when you step outside the shores of Ghana and step into other countries, they think Ghana is a paradise because they come here and they see the difference between Ghana and their countries”

If people from Somalia and Benin see your country as a paradise, who are you to think otherwise.

“As a people we must stand up against media tyranny. We’re fighting dictatorship of the Military, we’re fighting majoritarian dictatorship etc., there can also be media dictatorship, there can be media tyranny.

“When some people capture the media and they want to use it to paint everything about society black you must stand up to them”

So it’s not the unbearable power situation, it’s not the astronomical prices of fuel, and its ripple effects on all other commodities. It’s not the crappy salaries civil servants earn or the cost of living or even the cedi’s depreciation against all major currencies: oh no! It is media tyranny that is making the people feel that life is unbearable, when in actual fact everything is so sweet and rosy, like in some fantasy utopia that only exists in Ayariga’s mind.

I always thought Hassan was the joker in the family, but it turns out Mahama has a delusion his brother’s puerile jokes have no hope of surpassing.

You see, when you do not even acknowledge there is a problem, you cannot begin to fix it. It seems all functionaries of this government are steeped in denial; if you do not admit things are bad you can gleefully continue your looting without having your worrisome conscience pricking you.

The worst evil is evil perpetuated purely in the service of evil; with ministers like this we should fear for the very survival of this country as a state moving into the future.


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1 thought on “Mahama Ayariga Must Have Taken Some Of His Brother’s Ayarikof Mixture: He Says Outsiders See Ghana As A Paradise And That The People Should Stand Up To Media Tyranny Which is Creating An Atmosphere Of Hopelessness”

  1. Of course it’s paradise to outsiders when they know they can come and buy properties illegally without paying taxes and can do whatever they like…Investment that only benefits the investor….of course they will come and chop chop saaa….I’ve met a couple of Chinese people over here and they are contemplating of not coming to GH cos their people are telling them the government is sort of strict and they check illegal business now…waaaaa look…for people to say such about a country….sad


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